The Biggest Piece of the Formula

Want to know what the biggest determining factor for success is? Contrary to most people’s belief, it’s not having the most information.

It’s putting what information you have into massive action.

If I were to pin point the single biggest reason why people fail to achieve their desired level of success I’d have to say its indecision and inaction.

In fact, General Norman Schwarzkopf once said that indecision costs Americans more money than making the wrong decision.

I couldn’t agree more.

Speed of implementation and action will always trump accumulation of information and knowledge.

Right now, at this very moment you have ideas in your head that can add easily hundreds and even thousands of dollars to your monthly income.

** that ebook you’ve been meaning to write

** that bootcamp you’ve been meaning to start

** that online training business you’ve been meaning to launch

** that new website you’ve been thinking about

** that studio that you’ve been meaning to open

** those seminars you’ve been meaning to do

** that business you’ve been meaning to joint venture with

Stop thinking about it, pondering it, what if’ing it and over analyzing it.

Because all of that is really procrastination and nothing more.

If you don’t take action now – somebody else will. And you’ll be left saying “that was my idea.”

Massive action and speed of implementation ALWAYS trumps, ALWAYS.

It’s not ready, aim, shoot.