How To Give Your Business Legs

You’re in business because you want to make money, establish security for yourself and your family and because you love what you do (or at least you should).

For most fitness entrepreneurs it stops there.

But that falls way too short.

The one thing most people fail to do in business is give it legs.

What happens if you’re sick or disabled – can your business operate on its own?

What happens when you’re ready to retire, move away or looking for a change – is your business positioned to look attractive to a potential buyer? Or will you be forced to just close the doors and walk away?

I started my first internet business ( back in 1997. Two years later I sold it to a larger online sports nutrition company for a handsome profit because I had given my business legs.

– I had dominated my niche market

– I had a loyal base of repeat customers

– I had a large qualified list of prospects

– I had system in place which made it easy for anyone to operate

I did the same thing with my personal training facilities.

All of our training clients were committed to a minimum of 12 months on recurring billing (EFT). Again this made my personal training business attractive to potential buyers.

When it was time to sell I had no problem finding a buyer because my business had ongoing receivables scheduled to come in month after month and the entire thing could run without me being there.

My point is this. It doesn’t take much more effort to give your business ‘legs.’ And legs give you ultimate security.

It doesn’t matter if you own a studio, run a boot camp or train clients at home. It just takes a little more effort to create the systems and dial in the EFT and bada-bing your business has legs!