Never Sell Single Sessions

Are you still selling single or small blocks of sessions?

If so then you’re committing the biggest disservice to yourself and your clients.

Let me explain.

I became a personal trainer for two reasons.

1. I wanted to help others realized their fitness and fat loss goals.

2. I knew that if I ran my business like a business it would prove lucrative

During the peak of my personal training career I owned and operated five facilities – each generating over $50,000/month, had a staff of sixty two and personally sold over 100,000 personal training sessions over a five year period.

On average each of my managers sold 12,000 to 15,000 sessions per year. At $40 – $50 per 30 minute session you can easily see how each location was generating above $50,000/month.

My business model was simple. I wanted each and every client to achieve and maintain their goals. After all they were my walking, talking billboards. And for that to happen I couldn’t sell single or small blocks of sessions.

Selling small blocks of sessions is a waste of time – here’s why:

– Most clients who purchase small blocks of sessions are uncommitted. They assume that they can purchase a handful of sessions, “learn a routine” and then do it on their own. (We all know how that ends up- failure.)

– If the client decides to continue to buy more sessions each month this puts you in a position of having to resell each client every month. (I don’t know about you but I like the idea of selling once and not having to sell again.)

– Finally, if you’re selling single or small blocks of sessions then you’re inevitably going to be dealing with unpredictable cash flow. (and that’s never fun)

My solution was simple. We only sold twelve month, results oriented training programs.

The programs were either paid in full or monthly EFT (over the 12 month time frame).

I had consistent, reliable cash flow month after month and the clients had a long term program which allowed use to help them overcome many of their exercise and diet hang ups and ultimately achieve and maintain their desired results.

The bottom is this. If you truly want to help more people realize their fitness goals A-N-D seriously want to boost your profits and create a reliable personal training business then you’ve got to start selling long term, results oriented programs.

It’s just that simple.