Leverage Everything

I’m going to make this weeks PT Profits Newsletter short but to the point because in about twelve hours Diana and I will be on our way to see Chris Rock live in an undisclosed location and I haven’t even packed yet.

In yesterday’s email to you I wrote about leveraging your time and technology if you really want to take your personal training business to the next level.

This afternoon I got an email from a client and fitness business super achiever Greg Justice reminding me that I failed to mention one more area to leverage – the relationship with your clients.

You know what? He’s right.

Think about this. Most clients who can afford to hire a personal trainer probably know other people who can do the same. So it just makes sense to leverage the relationship with you clients.

Your clients and their circle of influence can do a lot for your business. They can refer you qualified leads, they can turn you on to corporate training opportunities, and they can bankroll your next big venture.

Want proof?

Back in 99 I had this bright idea, but I needed capital to get my bright idea off the ground.

I shared my idea with a client who was a life long entrepreneur and he actually thought my idea had legs. So right then and there I asked if he’d like to be involved with my new venture.

He said yes and the rest is history – Hitech Trainer was born.

What can you take away from this?

Leverage everything – your time, technology, information, and relationships.