Fishing with Dynamite

Based on the feedback I got from last week’s “fishing with dynamite” email I thought I would share with you another article I wrote about backend revenue generation.
Whether you sell one-on-one training, bootcamps, online training or fitness info products you need to know that the real profits come from the backend products and services you offer.

It just makes sense.

A new client is seven more times likely to buy from you again. And you don’t have to spend any more marketing dollars on a new client – that alone increases your profit margins.

Here’s the article – enjoy.

(This is an article I wrote for a project I did with the “Rich Jerk” so while some information may only seem relevant to info marketers – make no mistake it very relevant for your personal training business.)

You use autoresponders to stay in front of your leads once they opt in, right? But did you know that autopresponders can really kick your business into second gear once your initial sale is made?

See, most marketers use a series of autoresponders to make the sale and then they’re off looking for more leads. The smart marketer, however, understands that the real money is in the back-end and that’s where his autoresponders really make him the profits.

Let’s look at an example:

Say that you sell a $47 “How To” ebook. And let’s say that you get most of your traffic through organic ranking, Ad Words and affiliates. Let’s also assume that after your marketing, commissions and operation costs you profit $27 per sale.

If you only sold 200 ebooks per month you’d net $5400. Not too shabby, right? But next month you’re off looking for another 100 new customers just to make your $5400.

Unless you really have your act together, selling 200 ebooks per month is not a walk in the park. But if you have your back-end systems in place then you can triple or quadruple your monthly profits without having to sell any more ebooks.

Enter back-end autoresponders.

The first 21 days after a sale is made is critical. In fact, ALL of your products and services should have a 21- day, 9 email autoresponder series.

You probably already send out a “Thank You” email the moment a sale is made, right? Have you considered making your customer an offer for an additional complimenting product or service at a higher price point within your “Thank You” email?

Your back-end autoresponders should go out every two to three days for the next 21 days after a sale is made. These emails should further position your original product and make offers for other products or services within that same scope.

Consider higher priced private coaching programs, mentorship groups, membership sites, supplementation and affiliate programs.

Here are five autoresponder strategies to maximize your back-end potential.

Strategy # 1: Include an irresistible offer for a complimenting product or service within the “Thank You” email.

Strategy # 2: Send out a second (separate) “Oh, by the way” email along with the “Thank You” email that positions your back-end product as the next obvious and logical purchase.

Strategy # 3: Space out your first 4 back-end autoresponders 2 days apart then step it up to 3 days apart for the remaining emails.

Strategy # 4: Highlight success stories and case studies of other customers who opted for the back-end product.

Strategy # 5: Showcase authority. Do you have a “big player” who bought your front-end and your back-end product and is now even more successful? Showcase their story within your autoresponder. (Just remember to get permission first)

No matter what you sell, online or offline if you fail to create a systemized method for promoting your back- end products and services you’re going to leave a lot of money on the table.