What Your Clients Really Want

As a fitness professional what do you sell? Think about that for a moment.

Your answer may be fitness, weight loss or better performance but the truth is that’s not what your prospects or clients want.

You commodity may be fitness, exercise or weight loss. But your PRODUCT is hope. That’s right HOPE. And the sooner you accept and understand this fact the more you’ll sell, whether you’re selling ebooks, one-on- one, online or group training programs.

Consumers are more skeptical than ever. They’ve been misled by infomercials, diet companies, big box gyms, and tons of other gimmicks.

They’ve tried and failed.

They’ve been burned.

And now they want hope and it’s up to you to deliver it in your marketing message, during the sales process and throughout the training program.

Offer trial periods, share testimonials and before and after pictures of actual clients, and guarantee results.

You are the best at what you do, right?

So show them, tell them, let them try it out and back it all up with a guarantee.