How to Fail Forward

If you live in the United States I hope you had a fun and relaxing Independence Day three day weekend.

I spent the entire weekend swimming in the pool with my family and watching the Disneyland fireworks show.

What a blast. Literally!

Andrew, my two and a half year old never blinked once during the entire fireworks show. My nine month old daughter Chloe on the other hand was not as impressed… I bet she will be next year 🙂

But I’m not writing you to talk fireworks.

The reason I’m writing you today is to share with you a little secret that can help you achieve and infinitely surpass your goals.

This past Thursday I was being interviewed about wealth creation by Jeremy Nelms for his Mid Year Resolution teleseminar series.

After hanging up with Jeremy I realized something about successful people. People who systematically achieve and surpass their goals.

They set BIG goals and they’re always working toward their goal – even when they aren’t working.

Their prize is always in the forefront of their mind. They’re relentlessly focused, determined and have a burning desire to achieve.

That, to me, is true goal setting.

Too many people set weak goals, small and vague goals and therefore never achieve them.

In my never to be humble opinion, you should never, ever set a goal unless you’re relentlessly focused.

Unless you’re irrefutably determined – no matter what.

Unless you have a greater burning desire to achieve that specific goal over any other single achievement.

Unless it’s big – so that if you fail, you fail forward and end up in a
better place than you started.

Sounds a little over the top?

I don’t think so…

Here are three examples from trainers currently in my 12 month mentorship program who know the secret.

Did you happen to watch the Oprah show this past Friday? If you did then you saw Mubarakah “The Muslim Trainer” Ibrahim. Do you think she “fell” into Oprah show? Or do you think she set a big goal and had a burning desire to achieve it?

Then there’s Cabel McElderry a focused and determined trainer from Canada.

I met Cabel at Fitness Business Summit 07 where he pulled me aside and said how he wanted to own his own personal training studio – but the idea of pulling it off seemed so daunting to him (at the time).

Today, just seventeen months later he’s on pace to exceed one million dollars in revenue and is in the process of renovating and expanding.

Goal set. Goal achieved. Goal surpassed!

Finally there’s Saman Bakhtiar. If you were at Fitness Business Summit 08 then you heard him share his secrets for creating a seven figure studio.

When I met Saman two years ago he was far from his seven figure earning studio. But today he drives to my house in his childhood dream car, a new Ferrari F430 Spider. (My son Andrew loves starting it.)

Again, goal set, goal achieved, goal surpassed!

These three trainers are no different than you. And now you know the little secret that got them there.