How NOT to Run Your Business

Do you run your business? If so, then you’re probably going about it the wrong way.

Let me explain.

The other day I met a trainer who’s been in the industry for five years. About ten minutes into our conversation he I asked me what he needed to do to stop being a slave to his business.

He said he knew that he should work ON his business and not IN it, but even then he always finds himself behind the eight ball.

Maybe you can relate.

Most trainers, actually, all small business owners think that they need to run their business. That’s all wrong. It’s backwards thinking.

What you should be doing is running your systems and let the systems run your business.

Working ON your business is not enough.

So what if you create your own marketing campaigns every month.

So what if you chase your clients down each month for a check.

So what if you do all the selling.

So what if you do the payroll.

Big deal!

The single biggest determining factor for LONG TERM success is systemizing your business not working “on” it.

See, if you had systems in place, you could walk away from your business, hand me the operations manual and I could take over the day to day operations by running the system.

You’d have 12 months of marketing campaigns developed and ready to roll out each month.

You’d have a sales protocol and script for taking prospects and converting them into paying clients.

You’re clients would be on EFT (electronic fund transfer) every months and your never have to chase down checks.

You’d have scripts, letters and emails for generating up- sells, backend sales and stimulating referrals.

You’d have an organized system for setting and tracking your monthly sales goals.

Your trainers would all be on the same page, every time, with every client – resulting in better client retention.

If you’re just flying by the seat of your pants, then you’re better off going out and getting a job. At least you’ll have some security and predictable income.

But of you want real security and unlimited profits then you need to take your business serious and systemize.

So how do you go about it?

Michael Gerber, the author of E-myth says it best. Look at your current business as the “franchise prototype” for more locations. Now dial in and document your franchise prototype as though you were going to open ten more locations nationwide.