Do Not Disrupt

This may very well be the shortest PT Profits Newsletter I’ve ever written.

But don’t let the size of this email fool you because the idea I’m about to share with you is priceless.

See, I’m a time management freak.

If something’s not worth my time and if it won’t benefit my bigger plan I won’t do it period.

I won’t entertain a dead end idea or offer that I know will derail my bigger plan. I won’t give it a second thought. I let nothing disrupt my precious time – not with my businesses and certainly not with family.

And you shouldn’t either.

You’ve got to be ruthless with your time. Ignore irrelevancies that take you away from working ON your business and toward your bigger plan.

Everyday you’re bombarded with calls, offers and emails that can derail your business. Take control – do something about it. Say “no thanks not interested.”

How many hours do you spend checking your emails? Designate a time of day for emails and leave it at that.

How many dead end “business offers” do you entertain that you know you should ignore?

And how many bright ideas do you get and get excited about without ever brining your last bright idea to fruition?

The old saying is true today more than ever: Your time is money. Be ruthless with it.