Continuity is King

A couple months ago I shared with you a little secret that was shared with me almost eight years ago.

“Take a little bit of money from a lot of people.” Once I applied this concept to my business things changed big time.

You’re passionate about helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. That’s why you do what you do, right?

But sometimes your clients are unable to train as often as they wish. Other times your prospects simply can’t afford one-on-one training or don’t have the time to commit.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t still service them and offer something to help them achieve their goals.

I say take a little bit of money from lot of people.

Continuity is king.

You’ve heard me talk about (EFT) electronic fund transfer for years. But have you considered using the continuity model for other revenue streams?

Consider monthly teleseminars on fitness and nutrition topics. Couldn’t you easily charge $29 or $39/month on a recurring basis?

How about online personal training where you offer budget friendly fitness and nutrition programs and reach clients all over the world via the internet. Couldn’t you charge $60 – $80/month on a recurring basis?

Couldn’t you get fifty or hundred people on these subscription plans?

See where I’m going with this? Ongoing, recurring income.

“Take a little bit of money from a lot of people.”

Do you have an info product such as an ebook, DVD or audio program for sale? That’s a good start, but are you satisfied with selling once and then moving on to the next customer?

Wouldn’t you rather sell once and make money from that client every month? That’s continuity.

I get tons of emails from trainers who want me to review their sales page or info product. And the number one mistake I see is no back end continuity product, program or service available.

Unless your info product promotes, up sells or encourages your continuity program – you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Sell once and get paid month after month.

Think continuity. Think little bit of money from a lot of people.