Four Deadly Mistakes You’re Making

You may be killing your personal training business and you don’t even know it.

Remember the dot com bust? Just ten years ago people were investing millions of dollars into the internet hoping to make billions in return.

For the most part everyone got the dot com formula wrong. The internet went bust. Billions were lost and lessons were learned.

Today there’s web 2.0. The internet is pumping out millionaires faster than any other industry or sector. The code has been cracked and web 2.0 is kicking butt and generating billions of dollars.

What does this have to do with your personal training business?

See, many trainers are still doing business like they were taught to do ten or more years ago. These are the same trainers who are sitting around scratching their heads wondering why trainers half their age and with half their education are making a killing.

The old way of doing business is just that – old.

This is personal training 2.0. And if you’re finally ready to get with the program you can do really well, real quickly.

Here’s how to tell if your personal training business is destined for failure.

** The Four Deadly Mistakes That Will Kill Your Business **

Mistake 1 – Selling single sessions. Someone in the 80’s thought it was a brilliant idea to offer single sessions and small blocks of sessions and it stuck ever since. That’s the stupidest business model ever!

Is the average overweight client really going to achieve significant results by purchasing single sessions or even 5, 10, or 15 session blocks?

I know what you’re going to say: “But my clients always resign and buy more.”

That’s all the more reason to sell them a bigger package. Are you really happy selling and re-selling to the same person over and over again?

You and I both know that your average clients is going to benefit most from a results oriented program that lasts 6-12 months or more. So why not sell them that in the first place? It’s reliable income for you and its actual results for your client.

Mistake 2 – You undercharge. Nine out of ten personal trainers are not charging what they’re worth. Are you one of them? Who cares if the other guy down the street or the gym around the corner is charging $20/hour.

The next time you’re in your car look around and count how many people are driving a Mercedes Benz, Jag, or BMW. These people could have purchased the cheaper Toyota – but they wanted something better.

Mistake 3 – the 60 minute session. Unless you’re training athletes or three or more people at once then there’s no reason you should be doing 60 minute sessions – period.

We both know that 60 minute sessions are nothing more than therapy sessions with a few sets of exercises sessions thrown in there. The only commodity you have to sell is your time and the time of your trainers (if you have trainers).

90 percent of your clients can get amazing results in 30 minutes. And that give you 50% more time to take on more clients – or to take in a mid afternoon movie or maybe create that info product you’ve been talking about.

Mistake 4 – You have no list? If you don’t have an email database of past and present clients, friends, family, prospects, and business contacts then you’re easily missing out on thousands of dollars in additional profits EVERY month.

It’s a lot easier than you think. All you really need is names and email addresses. Then you simply get your list to know, like and trust you by emailing them entertaining and content rich newsletters twice a month.

And what they’ll give you in return is more business, more referrals and front of mind awareness. And that’s leads to a whole world of new opportunities.

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