The Walt Disney Training System

During senior year of high school I got a job at Disney Land. What was supposed to be a summer job became one of the best business lessons I have ever received.

In fact, I can say with total confidence that what I learned at Disney accounted for hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue for my training businesses.

The funny thing is I had no intentions of applying for a job at Disney Land. I got the job because I just drove a friend down to the Disney employment office as a favor, and in the process he talked me into filling out an application.

As luck would have it, he was never called back for an interview – I was. So I got the job, but before I could step into the theme park to work I had to attend and “graduate” from Disney University.

Disney University is a two week full time class where you learn how to create the “magic” that every guest comes to experiences when visiting Disney land. One key point that was driven home to every cast member (employee) was to exceed the guest’s expectations.

Think about this for a moment. There are hundreds of theme parks across the nation – but none are as successful and as profitable as Disney Land. In fact no other theme park has the customer loyalty that Disney does. People travel far and wide generation after generation to experience the Disney magic.

When I left Disney to start my personal training career I adopted Disney’s philosophy of exceeding the guest’s expectation as part of my personal mission statement.

Throughout the years this simple philosophy has set me apart from my competitors allowing me to charge top dollar for my services, earn incredible income, and in two of our facilities we actually had an active waiting list.

I was blown away.

Folks would rather wait to train with us rather than waste their time, money and effort with our competitors – because that’s how I had positioned my business.

Here’s how I looked at it. As a fitness and fat loss facility I had an obligation to every client who chose to put their trust in us. I delivered 60 minute results in 30 minute sessions. And I actually charged more for it because to your clients time is money.

No one else offered that.

Every fitness program was backed by our unique guarantee: “Get the results we say you’ll get in the time we say or we’ll train you for free until you do.” Sure that’s a bold guarantee and it held out feet to the fire. But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

No one else offered that and that’s what set us apart.

To me it was simple. I had total confidence in our service, professionalism, and results – therefore I could justify our rates and feel comfortable in asking every client for a referral. And they all referred.

And when the time came to sell my business I got way more than I expected for it, because I was selling a “turn-key” business with strong client loyalty and predicable recurring income.

Even today the magic continues.

People always ask me how it is that I’m so successful at such a young age (I’m 33).

For me, that’s an easy question to answer.

I sell what the industry wants and needs. Every one of my products will exceed your expectations, over deliver in results and is backed by my no questions asked money back guarantee. And should you ever need to reach us for a questions or for support we’re just one toll free phone call away.

No one else offers that.

So what are you doing to position yourself as the top fitness expert in your community?

What’s you unique selling proposition?

How will you exceed your client’s expectation?

Creating the “magic” is a simple formula. You’ve just got to roll up your sleeves and get it done.