They Are Trying to Put You Out of Business

Media Mogul Ted Turner said it best: “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and market.”

I got a funny email the other day. It was from a trainer who’s been receiving my newsletter for over two years now. For the sake of protecting his identity we’ll call him “Robert.”

In his email Robert went on to say how he owns a studio and he’s one of three other studios in town. Then he said that he feels that one of his competitors is trying to put him out of business with the aggressive marketing that he’s been doing.

The funny thing is that the guy he’s referring to is one of my current 12 mentorship clients (but I don’t think he knew that). Truth be told his competition is trying to put Robert and the rest of his competitors out of business.

You’re competitors are probably trying to do the same with you – and why shouldn’t they?

So many small business owners, personal trainers included rest on their laurels. If they make enough to pay rent, bills, and put some food on the table then they’re content. Sad but true.

Look, as your friend, I’ll be the one to say it. YOU HAVE COMPETITORS

The big gyms want you out of business. The medical weight loss center down the street wants you out of business. Lindora, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Nutri- systems want you out of business. And the other trainers, studio owners, and bootcamp operators in your town want you out of business.

Crying about it won’t help.

You’ve got to market, position, re-position fight for publicity, sell, systemize and repeat. I call it “having the warrior mid set.” Every world-class athlete, entrepreneur and leader has it. You should too.