I Love Being on the Fast Track

How would you like to gain 10-20 years of marketing, sales and focused business knowledge in just a few short months?

Seriously, don’t you think your personal training business would grow like wild fire IF you knew what the top marketing minds in the world new?

A week ago I got a package in the mail from Craig Ballantyne. He sent me a copy of his online super profits DVDs and CDs to review. About ten minutes into the first DVD I noticed a couple in the audience that I had seen at fitness business summit 08 and 07.

Their names are Jeremy and Alissia Nelms and every time I see them they have another success story to share. In fact at FBS08 they told me how they were in the process of opening a new personal training facility in Florida.

The crazy thing about it is that they live in Arizona and have a thriving bootcamp business there, yet they choose not to settle. And I have no doubt that before long they will have more facilities popping open.

How do they do it?

They buy knowledge, they buy speed and they’re light years ahead of their competitors. They invest in their business by attending seminars and purchasing information products that give them years of knowledge and experience within a few short months. I guess you can say they’re on the “fast track.”

I love being on the fast track.

If you were to look at my office bookshelf you’d think I’m an information junkie – and I am. In fact I can point to any book on my shelf and tell you exactly how much money that book has made me. I can do the same for the seminars I’ve attended and the CD and DVD products I’ve purchased.

You can do the same. Buy knowledge, buy speed and model success, unless you have time and money to waste on learning by trial and error.