My Pastor is a Closer

For those of you who celebrate Easter, I hope you had great weekend with plenty of family time.

We went to church for Easter service. Typically our pastor holds Easter service in the parking lot because the turnout of people exceeds five thousand.

This year he decided to do something different and have three services indoors which I thought was a great idea since it was too hot to be outside and we can better hear his message indoors.

You may be wondering why I’m writing you about church and pastor Jack and what any of this has to do with your personal training business.

Just humor me for a moment and I’ll explain.

See, pastor Jack is always an incredible speaker. He speaks with enthusiasm, passion, and uses colorful word pictures which pretty much keeps everyone awake and on the edge of their seats.

Well, yesterday pastor Jack really had his A game on. See, just like you and me his job is to sell. Only difference is he sells from the stage – to the masses. Easter Sunday is special day for the church because on this day many people who attend church are not the “regulars”. They’re more like annual visitors.

You can say that on Easter Sunday pastor Jack had more “prospects” in the building than he normally does. As his sermon came to an end I realized that pastor Jack is a serious closer when he invited the non believers in attendance to come up to the stage if they were ready to accept Jesus Christ.

Well, a few people out of the thousands in attendance went up to the stage. This was clearly not satisfactory for pastor Jack and this is where his incredible skills of persuasion and ability to get people to move to action come in handy.

He began to draw a word picture and put every single person in attendance smack dab in the middle of the picture. Now I can’t do it just if I tried to redraw his word picture for you so I won’t even attempt it. He ended the sermon with something so powerful that it moved people to action and all of the sudden dozens of bodies stood up and walked up to the stage.

I’ll summarize. Pastor Jack said: Imagine that you get in your car after church today ready to leave the parking lot. Now imagine that as you turn onto the road you experience a horrible car crash. Where will go – to heaven or to hell? If can hear voice in your heart telling you to stand up, to come forth and to accept Jesus then do it now because tomorrow or even the next hour is not guaranteed.

No matter the industry selling, persuasion, moving people to action is what makes a good business great.

Most personal trainers are happy with whatever sales the market chooses to give them. But the truly successful know that nothing happens until a sale made. The truly successful view themselves as sales and marketing experts – and their “product” is fitness.

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