A Good Problem to Have

I don’t have any marketing advice for you today.

I don’t even have any sales advice to give you.

For that matter I have no publicity advice either.

But I do have something vital to share with you. It’s a way of thinking – a thought process that will change your financial state (and personal state) if you so apply it.

Here’s what I mean.

Every morning at about 10:00 A.M. I drive on over to my favorite training facilities for a workout. It’s owned by Saman Bakhtiar, one of my most successful mentorship clients.

When I got there this morning the place was buzzing with energy! It seemed liked all 15 of his trainers were on the floor working with clients. The palace was busier than ever.

Saman approached me and said: “Bedros, I have a problem. We’ve run out of parking spots outside. My trainers and I are now parking on the street so my clients can use the spots in front of the building.”

Then with a smile he said: “I guess it’s a good problem to have.”

Yeah, that’s a great problem to have!

I have another mentorship client who for two consecutive weeks has logged 300 sessions trained in a single week. And, I’m not talking about a mega facility. This too is an intimate training facility with a handful of trainers. And his business has never been better.

The reason I mention these two guys is because they defy the current “economic trend.” For them and others like them, the economy is thriving. At least their personal micro economy is.

See, your reality is defined by how you perceive and feel about today’s economy. If you listen to the talking heads on TV who enjoy boosting their ratings with fear tactics – then you probably FEEL the economic crunch.

Truth be told that’s just how you FEEL. Sure the nation as a whole is feeling a squeeze, but you can’t tell me there aren’t any more clients out there. Look around, the malls are packed and I certainly don’t see empty tables in restaurants.

My point is that IF you allow fear to set in and let your feelings guide you then you’re seriously short changing yourself.

If you feel that fear and feelings are killing your personal economy then do something about it!

Get out there and take ACTION. Take massive action! See, action drags feelings.

I’ll say that again; Action drags feelings.

You’ve probably thought up many great ideas for your business. Heck, you probably read about them right here in my newsletters. Now is the time to stop thinking about it and start doing it.

See, all actions lead to outcomes. So you may as well take some positive action today – and every day for that matter. It’s the ultimate cure when you have those “feelings.”

I’ll leave you with this little quote from General Norman Schwarzkopf who said it best: Indecision has cost American’s more money than the wrong decision. I’d like to make one small change to that if I can by saying this:

“Inaction costs fitness professionals more money than taking the wrong action.”