Newsletter or Website?

The one question I get most from personal trainers looking for a boost in business is: Which is better for getting new clients, a newsletter or website?

That’s a really good question. In fact at this very moment you may be wondering the same thing. Maybe you’re about to launch a new site or maybe you’re thinking of re-doing your site for better lead generation and conversion.

Or maybe you want to start a newsletter first. Should you?

Let me clear the air, cut through the confusion, and tell you exactly what you should do IF you want more clients and leads from the internet.

As a matter of fact here is my exact response to a personal trainer who asked the newsletter or website question just yesterday.

My opinion has always been that a newsletter is far better at recruiting new clients than a website and here is why:

It takes months, even years to get a website to rank high on search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo for your target demographic. And the cost to create a content rich website that actually ranks well can easily set you back thousands. If you have a website today and if it does nothing more than take up space on the internet then you know that I mean.

Without getting ranked with the search engines you’ll never generate qualified leads. And even if you can generate website traffic you still need a method to capture those leads and convert them into prospects, and then clients. Unless you’re one heck of a copywriter/marketer you’re not going to easily achieve that.

A newsletter, however, is quick to show results, consistent, educational, and if written right can move people to action. Either way it will grow your business.

Here’s a little example for you: Let’s say that you take all of the email contacts that you have (Friends, family, clients, prospects, former clients, and even businesses with whom you are strategically aligned with and you add them to your newsletter subscriber list.

Now every two weeks your newsletter arrives directly into your subscriber’s inbox and positions you in the forefront of their mind. (This is called front of mind awareness).

Over time some of these people are going to contact you, show interest, and become paying clients. Others are going to forward your newsletter along to their circle of influence and thus your newsletter subscriber list grows. And a small percentage will opt out and choose not to receive your newsletter – and that’s okay too.

You see, an online newsletter is best because your prospect list grows through viral marketing and an online newsletter puts your potential client just one click away from contacting you or going to your website.

I know I’m painting a rosy picture here, but the truth is that this is exactly what a good online newsletter will do for you. Don’t get me wrong not all online newsletters can give you this kind of results.

The truth of the matter is that your newsletter must be consistent, content rich, and written in way where it will encourage the reader to take action.

Does that mean that you don’t need a website? Nope, you still need a website, and frankly you shouldn’t operate a fitness business without one.

But in my opinion the humble newsletter (if crafted right) is still the fastest, easiest, and most economical way to grow your personal training business and to position yourself as the local fitness expert.

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