How to get on TV PART 2

This week I’m going to share a few more tips on how to score TV publicity and what to do once you get it.

I received a lot of emails last week from personal trainers who wanted to know more specifics. Things like who to pitch an idea to and how to get the most out of your TV appearance.

Pitching the story:

While the TV anchor or host reports the news, the real decision makers are the producers. They decide what sticks and what goes into the crapper. If you want to increase the likelihood of “air time” for yourself then focus on building a relationship with the producers and not the host or anchor.

Producers want stories that their audience will like and benefit from. So get familiar with the programming on the station, see what type of stories they air and who their target demographic is – then pitch the producer.

Spice it up a bit:

Don’t be like everyone else. Stand out. Here’s an example for you: How exciting are chicken wings? Pretty darn boring, right? But just last week a pub in Chicago got some serious press with their chicken wings.

Here’s the headline: Chicken so spicy customers must sign waiver. “A Chicago tavern is set to start selling chicken wings so hot that patrons first have to sign a waiver agreeing not to sue for injuries –”

This is the most brilliant marketing angle I’ve seen. And you know what? Every TV, radio, print, and Internet news outlet picked this story up. Sure every pub sells chicken wings. But this pub got the media hooked. What’s your hook?


I can’t talk about enthusiasm enough. I have personally seen lousy, but enthusiastic, trainers sell more training sessions than their less enthusiastic, but better educated, counterparts. It’s true, like it or not

And the fact is that producers are more likely to go with your story if you are out-going and enthusiastic. But there is more to it than that. The audience watching is more likely to seek you out if you are up-beat and enthusiastic rather than dry and sterile.

In my PT Business Course I call enthusiasm the “silver bullet” because it’s just that powerful.

Generating Leads:

So you’re on TV, you’re enthusiastic and you’re giving the audience exactly what they want

What now?

Make it easy for them to find you. Register your first and last name as a domain name and have it forward to your website. Make your website easy to use. Make it lead generation friendly by using smart opt ins for ebooks, newsletters, and consultations.

And don’t be afraid to plug your site.