My Top 10 List

I read and listen to a lot of books and audio programs. Every successful person that I know does the same. I’ve gone through a lot of audio programs and books this year. Some I have read three and four times, and each time I find new gems and nuggets that I had missed the time before.

Here are the top ten self and business development books and audio programs that I recommend you read (or re-read) in 2008.

10. Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

9. Jim Collins, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap – and Others Don’t

8. Robert Allen, Multiple Streams Of Income (Audio CD Version)

7. Jay Abraham, Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition

6. Kevin Hogan, Covert Persuasion: Psychological Tactics and Tricks to Win the Game (Don’t let the cheesy title stop you from buying this one.)

5. Brian Tracy, The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success

4. Dan Kennedy, How to make millions with your ideas: An Entrepreneur’s guide.

3. Tony Robins, Get The Edge Personal Power CD Set (a great audio program to get you off your butt and into action)

2. Joe Sugerman, Triggers: 30 Sales Tools you can use to Control the Mind of your Prospect to Motivate, Influence and Persuade (again cheesy title, but great book)

1. Sam Walton (and John Huey), Made In America (Just a fun and inspiring book to read)