How to Increase Referrals, Cross Sell, and Retain Clients

This week I want to talk to you about something that you should (better yet MUST) be doing year round IF you want to generate qualified leads, increase client referrals, build client loyalty and cross sell other products and services for additional profits.

Want to know what I’m referring to?

The humble newsletter.

It’s true. There is nothing easier, more reliable, effective and economical than a content rich online newsletter that educates, entertains, and keeps your name and message in front of your clients and prospects.

But all online newsletters are not created the same.

Here are two of the biggest newsletter marketing mistakes that personal trainers make:

1. Inconsistent delivery: This is by far the biggest mistake I see. If you intend to send out a weekly or monthly newsletter on a certain day or date then that’s what you should do. Your subscribers expect to get what they signed up for and if you let them down then you’re going o lose some serious trust and credibility.

2. Poor content: Content is king. If you promise a content rich newsletter but only deliver a sporadic sales pitch now and again or write boring articles that are sterile and read like the back side of your liability insurance policy then you’re going to quickly go from a welcomed guest to an annoying pest in the eyes of your newsletter subscribers.

Speaking of subscribers – You need a mailing list for that newsletter, right?

Answer this question: If you were to open up a new personal training studio in a new city where nobody knows you what is the single thing that you would want more than anything else?

A good location?

New state-of-the-art equipment?

Highly educated trainers?

A strong sales presentation?

I don’t know about you, but all I would want is a list of local residents interested in fitness and weight Ioss. In fact my main marketing strategy would be to lead generate, grow my list, and position myself as the top fitness expert in the area.

And nothing does this better than a consistent, relationship building, content rich direct response newsletter. Period.

Selecting the right people for your newsletter mailing list doesn’t have to be hard. Stay away from mass – unsolicited mailing lists – it’s better to build your list trough personal contacts and lead generation. I’ll take a small highly responsive list over a large unresponsive list any day of the week.

Your mailing list should include:

* All of your current and past clients. (With the exception of those clients that YOU fired.)
* All of your unconverted leads – current prospects that you have met or have shown interest but did not buy from you for one reason or another.
* Referral sources – Such as local business owners, your insurance agents, chiropractors, doctors, realtors, and attorneys that you share a professional relationship with.
* Your circle of influence such as friends and family who may refer their friends and co-workers to you.
* Networking Groups – if you participate in a local small business owners club, chamber of commerce, or toastmasters then add your acquaintances to your mailing list.

With the New Year just around the corner there is no better time for you to start your own bi-monthly newsletter.

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