How to Generate Holiday Leads

I was flipping through the newspaper the other day and an interesting ad from an air and heating company jumped out at me. Even though I had no interest in what they were offering (or so I thought), I ended up calling them and scheduling a furnace inspection.

Want to know what caught my attention? Check out the actual ad below.

Holiday Ad

For most businesses the holiday season typically slows things down. But for the creative marketer the holiday season is just another great opportunity to generate leads and attract new clients. And it’s also a great time to help out the needy and generate publicity.

Take a look at the ad above. Now imagine putting together a similar promotion. Consider offering a complimentary personal training session and fitness consultation with a donation. You can collect donations for any charity or organization that you believe in.

Collect toys for “Toys for Tots” or canned food for a local food bank, soup kitchen, or any other local charity. And if you really want to take it to the next level then contact your local media and let them in on what you’re doing. Ask the media to help you get the word out. During the holiday season the media is always looking for public interest stories to share. Why not yours?