Three Ways to Give Yourself a Raise

This week I’m going to show you three different ways to boost your personal training income without adding more training hours to your schedule.

There’s really no pretty way of saying it. Most personal trainers trade time for dollars and are therefore limited in their income. I know, I used to do the same, and it wasn’t fun.

If you practice “traditional” personal training then your income is limited by the number of hours you can train clients. And if you’re sick or want to take a vacation then you’re losing money, plain and simple. No training, no money.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are three quick and easy ways to boost your income without adding more training hours to your schedule.

1.  Leverage your time, its the most valuable thing YOU have. Sixty minutes sessions are a thing of the past. Sure, maybe an athlete could benefit from a 60 minute training session. But the rank and file adult can achieve incredible results in only 30 minutes. Sure, you’ll have to shorten the rest periods and introduce compound movements and super sets, but it is very do-able and profitable.

Here’s another way to leverage your time. Consider semi-private sessions or team training sessions where you’re training a group of 2-4 clients at once. If professional sports team coaches can train athlete in groups, don’t you think that you can do the same with a small group of clients?

And here’s yet another way to leverage your time. If your schedule is booked, hire other trainers to train for you. Your job should be to work ON your business not IN your business, so why not be the “face” of the company and let your trainers service your clients?

2.  Promote back end products and services that compliment personal training. Today, technology lets you easily add passive income streams into your business model. When your new clients sign up to train with you that is when they’re most likely to invest in other services that will help them achieve their goals.

Let’s say that you have a client who is only training once or twice a week with you.  Wouldn’t they achieve greater results if they followed a structured exercise program on those days that they are not training with you? Online

Training technology like Hitech Trainer can help you do exactly that. You’d offer your clients the option to add online personal training to their program for an additional fee and this would give them access to workout programs that you create.

Technology does much more than that though. If you’re using Hitech Trainer for your online training program then you can also generate additional passive income by up-selling your clients to personalized nutritional programs using Hitech’s exclusive DietMaster meal planning program, (this one’s a big profit center).

Your clients come to you for all things fitness and weight loss. So why not offer them other services and products that can help with their goals and earn you passive income? There are dozens of affiliate programs out there for nutritional supplements, exercise equipment, fitness information products, and even opportunities to align yourself with others local businesses like massage therapists who will give you referral commissions for sending them business.

3.  Give yourself a raise. I talk to hundreds of personal trainers each month and most are under-charging. Increase your rates. Get paid what you’re worth.

Don’t compare your prices with those of your competitors. Maybe your competitors don’t value their time or maybe they feel that people can’t afford the “cost” of personal training. That’s a crock of poop! More often than not the problem is a lack of even the most basic sales skills and the confidence to charge what you’re worth.

The rules for personal training have changed. The “business” is not the same as it was even just a couple of years ago. Today you have the opportunity to earn more, to create reliable revenue streams and to easily break the six figure barrier without working yourself to the bone.