The King of Client Attraction

This week I want to change gears a bit and talk to you about another very powerful marketing system that is often over looked or poorly utilized by most fitness professionals. As a matter of fact, this marketing system, in my opinion, is the single most powerful client attraction tool available to personal trainers.

The reason I decided to write on this subject is because I often get emails from fitness professionals asking me for the most effective way to attract new clients.

So here it is baby!

It’s not postcards.
It’s not fliers or ads.
It’s not press releases.
And it’s not public speaking.

The king of client attraction is Email Marketing!

Were you waiting for something more profound? If so then you clearly do not understand how powerful email marketing is for your fitness business.

Email marketing is one of the most successful methods of marketing ever developed. And it’s by far one of the most effective and inexpensive methods of advertising available to you.

It’s so simple and yet so overlooked!

Email marketing gives you the opportunity to position yourself, gives you front of mind awareness with your clients and prospects, and keep your “list” just one click away from calling, emailing, or visiting your website for a purchase or more information. And it does all of this in a very cost effective way. And unlike running ads or sending out postcards the results don’t take weeks – usually within hours you begin to see the results of your campaign.

Don’t get me wrong. You should still be using offline marketing systems to attract more clients and grow your list – but email marketing is still the king of client attraction.

Recent polls show that your prospects and clients spend as much as three hours a day communicating via the web. Doesn’t it just make sense to get your message and name if front of them via email?
So what’s the secret to successful email marketing?

1.  Be consistent. You can’t just send out an email campaign every third month and hope to get client referrals and leads. Be consistent, create a schedule so that your email list will anticipate and look forward to your emails.

2. Speaking of which. You need a list. Start with the email addresses that you already have today. Create a newsletter list and add your current and past clients as well as friends and family members to the list. Then actively begin growing your list using offline and online resources.

3. Educate, inform, entertain, AND make offers. Email marketing is by far the most cost effective marketing tool you can use. That does not mean that you should send out crude offers pushing your services on a weekly basis. Make an effort to send out at least one educational and information health and fitness newsletter each month. When you give your list useful information they’ll give you permission to make them offers.
Email marketing is a very personal way of communicating. It works, it gets results, it positions you, and it keeps your clients and prospects just one click away from contacting you. And did I mention that it’s the most cost effective form of marketing?

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Sure I want to use email marketing but I don’t have the time to write, edit, and send out newsletters several times per month.”
Well once gain we’ve got you covered! I created FitPro Newsletter just for you. This state of the art technology will automatically deliver personalized content rich newsletters to your email list twice a month on your behalf.  Take a look and decide for yourself –>