Reach Your Fitness Business Goals – 100% of the Time

In last week’s issue of your PT Profit Center Newsletter I shared with you the real reason why some personal training prospects give objections during the buying process, and what these objections really mean.

I also gave you two things you can immediately do to make sure that you’re never faced with another sale-killing objection again.

This week I want to share with you my secret system to make sure that I achieve every goal that I set out for myself-100% of the time. It’s resolution season so I figure now is the best time to let you in on it. Chances are you may be setting your own goals for the new year.

The truth is I don’t believe in resolutions. I personally don’t have anything against them. They just don’t work for me. Instead I do something a little different within the first week of every year-kind of like a New Year tradition.

We all have goals, right? Some are personal, others are health, wealth or both. Whatever your goals, wouldn’t it be great to achieve them all of the time?

Over the last several years I’ve discovered a secret process that practically assures that I achieve every single one of my goals.

It’s really a simple process, but man is it ever effective!

See, just a couple of days ago my wife and I sat down together and pulled out our spiral notebook and flipped to a new page. At the top we wrote 2007. Then we began numbering our goals down the left hand side. Every goal that we want to achieve in 2007 was written on this sheet of paper.

Nothing impressive or ground breaking so far, right?

Here’s where the “secret process” comes in. To the right of each goal we wrote a date, a deadline actually. This deadline is realistic and achievable and therefore written in stone. But that’s just the first part of the “secret process.”

The second part of the secret is that we share our goals and deadlines with close family and friends. Now we’re “under the gun” so to speak. Talk about being held accountable, right?

Having a goal is not enough. That’s much too general. You need to be specific with what you want and EXACTLY when you plan to achieve it. Otherwise it’s way too easy to quit or procrastinate.

Now add to that the fact that you’re going to share your goal and deadline with others. This only makes you more accountable and focused on achieving your goal.

Three simple steps.
1. Write it down (be specific)
2. Have a deadline written in stone. (avoid procrastination)
3. Tell others (put yourself under the gun)

I have to confess…this secret process is really not my idea. It’s a process that has been used by many of the biggest achievers of our time to produce massive success. In fact, it’s produced massive results for me year after year, and it can do the same for you.