The Big Hook Up

My gift to you.


Hey Bedros here, writing you from Las Vegas where Craig Ballantyne and I are holding our 100K Fitness Info Mastermind Group meeting in a super secret location. We asked a few of our internet marketing friends to come hang out and teach with us for the weekend.

Our mastermind group is in for a real treat because in addition to the PURE GENIUS and heavy ruckus that CB and I deliver =)

…we also have Frank Kern, Kevin Nations and John Romaniello here to disseminate some serious info marketing knowledge and to sit in on the meetings.

Good time will be had by all… after all, it is Vegas =)

But the reason for this blog post has nothing to do with Vegas or masterminding. The reason for this blog post is simple…

I want to THANK YOU, my clients, customers, subscribers and fellow fitness professionals just becuase.

See, as corny as it may sound, I believe that having an attitude of gratitude is important. So this is just my way of saying thanks for being so cool.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned I was gonna hook you up with something super cool and awesome to help take your client attraction, sales, client retention, time management and mindset to a whole new level of success.

So I’m going to give you a free life time membership to one of my most popular selling programs for developing your fitness business – The Fitness Marketing Manifesto (a $1200/year membership… yours free) and in it you’ll have access to over 40 video tutorials, dozens of expert and in-the-trenches interviews, and all of the BEST issue of the Manifesto newsletters.

There’s no catch, no up sells, no one click offers, no nothing. Just a access to my best fitness business development systems, strategies, and information.

Here’s how to get FREE access to Fitness Marketing Manifesto…

Just fill out the details below and the system will create a username and password and email to you.

Enjoy =)


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