Everything you need for your New Year Revolution promotion is right here on this page.

AND once again, thank you for helping us donate to such an awesome cause like Shriners Hospital for Children ūüôā

Ok, first you should have been email zip file with all the documents you need when you purchased (or you can simply RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS HERE.)  Unzip those files into a folder and make sure you know where that folder is.

Have this FB campaign ready to roll before you start mailing out.

Step 1

Step 2



Thanks a bunch for donating and for taking massive action to building your fitness business up in 2012!


UPDATE #1:  I will be posting a new / alternate version of the html code so you can alter the start date and length of the program.  Check back later today.


UPDATE #2: The  Fanpage code has now been updated with 2 versions, the original and one you can edit.  Just RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS HERE to get the updated files.  The installation of the code is exactly the same as in the video, except now there are *FOUR* areas that you can now edit that allow you to change the start date and length of the program (and a few other things if you want.)  Post questions below.