How to Rub Shoulders with the Fitness Elite—Without Spending a Penny

How do you get the best fitness business education for yourself and for your team of personal trainers?

These days it’s easier than you think.

Now yes, you do have to get your personal trainer certification, and you should have the national certification. And of course, I want you to have some experience.

But what else do you need? You need to learn from the best, the people who kill it every day in the industry.

Want access to their brains? Here’s a tip you might want to write down.

Hang Out with the Best

Now, a lot of people contact me and say. “Listen, I don’t have the money to get mentoring and coaching right now, and so I feel like I’m stuck.”

If you don’t have the money, then what you probably do have right now is time. If you’ve got the time, then I want you to find the best damn personal trainer in your town. Go and work there, intern for them.

Go online to find out who the best fitness experts are right now. Start following them on YouTube and on social media. Reach out to them.

Are they running workshops? If they’re running a workshop, what if you go there and do them a favor? Help them set up the workshop. Run the breakfast line, the lunch line. Do whatever you have to do to get in their good graces so you can sit in the back of the room.

I’ve had lots of people reach out to me in the past and say. “Hey Bedros, I know you’re going to be in Miami or San Diego or Las Vegas, and I don’t have the money to come to your workshop. But is there any work I can do so that I can just sit in?” And I’m more than happy to help.

As long as you can add value to the lives of the people running these workshops or masterminds or seminars, they’re probably going to be able to help you. And if they have sponsors, maybe you run a sponsorship booth. Maybe you set up tables and chairs and clean the place up afterwards, I don’t know.

But what I can tell you is this: if you don’t have money, you have time, and you’ve gotta start investing your time in getting the education from the best trainers by being around them or interning for them for free, if that’s what you have to do.

Then, follow the best fitness business owners on YouTube and social media so that you have that environmental exposure and build your fitness business wisdom.

That’s how you learn the stuff they won’t teach you in a certification course or in school.

It’s the fastest way to go from where you are to making multiple six and seven figures in just a couple of short years.


Committed to your success,