3 Strategies You Can Use to Instantly Win More Leads

Let’s just cut to the chase…

There are three things that you can do to instantly earn more leads. And they’re all in your complete control.

Well, what are they?


Create a Condition for Referrals

The number one problem I see personal trainers have is they don’t get enough referrals. Ironically referrals are the number one source of new leads because they come pre-qualified, pre-screened, and more likely to buy because their friends already work out with you.

So what can you do to ramp up the referrals?

You create a condition of referrals with your brand new clients.

You say, “Well, welcome aboard as I help you achieve your fitness and fat loss goals. Can I count on you to help me achieve my goals of impacting our community by helping 5,000 people in the next five years?”

They might say, “Well, yes of course.”

Now what you’ve done is created a condition.

Once you create that condition, then a month later you can come to them and say, “Hey, look at your fitness evaluation. It looks like you have lost 6 inches across your body and dropped your body fat percentage by 3%. I’m really proud of you. You’re making great progress. So as I’m helping you, can I now count on you to tell a friend or two about me and my business here?”


Shoot Livecasts

Strategy number two requires no funnel whatsoever.

Use Facebook and Instagram and YouTube Live to do livecasts once a week.

See I always ask people, “If I can get your fitness business on the local morning news show, would you get excited about that?”

Of course they go, “Wow, absolutely.” I ask them why and they usually say, “Well because I would gain exposure and I would be on TV and the people in the community would see me.”

“Okay great, well what if I can actually get the most targeted people in your community, the people who are most likely to become clients, to see you live without ever going on the morning news show?” They go, “Tell me more.”

Well effectively you’re going to do a live show on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. That’s easy for fitness professionals—you can make “how to” videos on how to flatten your abs, how to eat when you’re traveling, how to meal prep. Or, “how to” videos on nutrition, mindset, habits, etc.

At the end of the day, if there are five different personal training gyms that people will consider, they’ll always consider the fitness expert and their business first.

Use those “how to” livecast videos to position yourself as the local fitness expert and authority.


Monster Follow Up

Anytime you get a lead from a funnel, or from a Facebook message, or from a email broadcast, or from an ad that you’re running elsewhere, or from a client who sends you a referral, odds are that lead’s not just gonna come in right away and sign up.

But not enough people in our industry do follow-up. That’s why I created the monster follow-up process, which is really simple and which I teach for free.

The moment you get a lead, you’ll reach out to them via text, email, phone call, and Facebook private message until they schedule and attend their free workout or their low barrier offer workout. You’ll do that for the next four days straight, twice a day.


If you can do monster follow-up, and if you can position yourself as a fitness authority using livecasts, and if you make referrals a condition of doing business with you, you’ll have a business that’s bulletproof, competition-proof, and not reliant on clunky hit-or-miss funnels.


Committed to your success,