3 Marketing Strategies That Can Take Your Boot Camp to the Next Level

What I want to talk to you about today is boot camp marketing strategies that really work. There are really three core boot camp marketing strategies that will get a big surge of clients into your boot camp right away.

These are the most cost-efficient marketing strategies ever, which means you’re not going to have to invest a lot of money out of your pocket to implement them. I call them the “Boot Camp Marketing Trifecta”.

The first thing you want to do is optimize your videos. Next, you want to have an email list of potential, current, and past clients. Finally, you should identify people in your community to hire as “human billboards”.

With optimized videos, you’ll create six videos just like this one. Each one is going to be three to five minutes long, and you’re going to talk about six keywords.

Say you work out of Anaheim. If you operate a boot camp, your core six keywords will be the following: “Anaheim Fitness Boot Camp”, “Fitness Boot Camp Anaheim”, “Anaheim Personal Trainer”, “Personal Trainer Anaheim”, “Anaheim Personal Training”, and “Personal Training Anaheim.”

Three phrases, written forwards and backwards.

You should sign up for a YouTube account and dedicate one video to each keyword. In the title, meta tag and description of each video, all you want inserted is the keyword the video is about. At the end of the video, you will give a call to action by saying, “Hey, if you want more information on boot camps in Anaheim, click the link right below.” In your description box, you’re going to have a link to your website.

While other people’s websites might rank higher than yours, there aren’t a lot of boot camp videos on YouTube or the Internet that go viral.

All you have to do is get those video thumbnails to rank higher than their website. How do you do that?

You can go to either SubmitYourArticle.com or EzineArticles.com. All you do is write articles and put links to each of those videos in them. Before you know it, you’ll receive 10-20 incoming links for each video.

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Soon, your videos start ranking higher in your city for that keyword. This is really a cool and organic way of getting Internet traffic with little effort.

The next thing you want to focus on is finding “human billboards”.

Now, the old way of utilizing human billboards was reaching out to past clients, friends, and family, saying this:

“Look, I’m starting a fitness boot camp. I want you to come work out for free because I know you’re a person of influence in the community. So I’ll let you work out for free, and when people ask how you’re getting in awesome shape, you just let them know about my boot camp.”

The new way is where you get paid to host your human billboards.

Now, you will give these people an awesome discount for training with you, but you’ll still make around $300 per person.

Simply reach out to everyone from your email list, phone contacts, family, co-workers, acquaintances, and past clients. Your goal is to get 20 human billboards into your boot camp as quickly as possible.

If you can fill your boot camp up with a bunch of enthusiastic and happy people, others will want to join your facility.

Once you identify your targets, make your pitch:

“My boot camps typically cost up to $300 per month. However, you’re only going to pay $50 per month. How would you like to do that and be my walking, talking evangelist? When people ask you how you got into such amazing shape, you just let them know about my business and give them one of these $100 gift cards.”

You can go to any print shop and order cheap $100 gift cards that your human billboards can pass out. Before you know it, these people become your sales force.

The reason I want you to recruit 20 to 30 human billboards into your boot camp is because of the old 80/20 rule. 80% of those human billboards will work out and eventually quit. The remaining 20% will be your best evangelists.

These are the people who talk about you to their friends, rein referrals in for you, and pass out your gift cards left and right. They’re the ones that will help explode your business.

The last marketing tactic I’ll discuss is your email list.

You probably don’t realize how powerful your email list is. Maybe you only have an e-mail list of 50 to 100 right now, consisting of clients, past clients, friends, old co-workers from different places, etc.

Compile all those emails in one place. If you want, you can go to Facebook and extract your friends’ email addresses (with their permission) to add to your email list.

Now you’ve got this email list where you can deliver killer content at basically zero cost. Do this two to four times a week.

For every three to four good pieces of email content you deliver, you’ve won the right to pitch them an offer.

For instance, you can make them an offer for a 14-day fat flush, which has gotten many of my coaching clients thousands of dollars in personal training and boot camp sales. So you send them three emails, with each email talking about how you’ve created this 14-day fat flush. In exchange for $67 they receive 14 days of meal plans and workouts at your facility.

What’s really awesome is that before the two weeks is up, you make them an amazing offer and get them onboard. Typically about 50% to 60% will join.


The whole idea is that you start by emailing them great content. Once that’s finished, you’ve won the right to offer them a great program.

Use these three “Boot Camp Marketing Trifecta” strategies to grow your boot camp. From there, you can dump more marketing dollars into your business and grow it to multiple six figures.

Committed to your success,