No One Can Stop You

It’s a travel day for me…

I’m about to catch a flight to the East Coast for about ten days of work and fun.

First off, it’s John Romaniello’s wedding in NYC… no doubt good times will be had by all. My goal, of course, will be to get good ‘ol Craig Ballantyne ( the fitness info marketing Godfather)¬† to dance the funky chicken at the reception party.

…or maybe Gangnam Style… we’ll see.Phillycheese

Then it’s onto my two day (sold out) Mega Profits Blueprint Manhattan Mastermind for fitness pros who want to take their personal training and boot camps to new levels of success and profits.

Once again, good times will be had by all.

Toward the end of my trip I’ll be heading to Philadelphia for the Member Solutions¬†Business Conference where I’ll be giving the Keynote presentation to a massive audience of entrepreneurs – followed up by a REAL Philly cheese steak sandwich.

Then back home to Cali for my little girl’s 6th birthday… where I get to be goofy daddy, my favorite role of all.

I love my life! It’s full of adventure, new challenges, and good people.

But it wasn’t always that way.

See, not long ago I was broke. My online supplement company had failed and I lost over $50,00 in that one business alone.

And before that I couldn’t get my personal training business off the ground – so I went and got a job at a bar as a bouncer just to make ends meet. Turned out to be a place where violent skinheads would come by often… not a fun job at all.

And before that, I was the foreign kid from a communist country whose family was SO poor and broke that my dad would make me dumpster dive behind the local supermarkets to fish out food that had expired but was still good to eat.

We moved to so many cities and apartments when I was growing up that I went to three elementary schools, two Jr. High Schools, and two High Schools.

To say that I was a misfit is a gross understatement.

But who I was didn’t determine who I became.

Since the very beginning my dad stressed to me how lucky we were to have come to the United States, and to have the freedom to dream big and to make that dream a reality.

I believed him.

And no matter the economy, my crappy education, or the circumstances we dealt with I was hell bent on becoming the American Dream.americandream

Being broke, poor, and not having the resources didn’t stop me. And no matter how many people said I couldn’t or shouldn’t do it… I kept. On. Doing. It.

You know why?… Because no one can stop me. Only I can, and I ain’t got no stop in me.

I went on to own and operate my own successful training studios and ultimately sold them for a massive profit.

And today, I’m the luckiest guy in the world.

I get to work with and help thousands of fitness pros worldwide.

I just finished filming a fitness based reality show for a national network.

I own, co-own, and operate ten corporations and over 20 businesses.

I consult 50 Million dollar companies.

I founded Fit Body Boot Camp – a global brand that’s growing faster than ever and helping hundreds of thousands of people burn fat and get fit.

I’ve got friends in powerful places… including celebrities, movers, shakers, and the game changers all in my speed dial.

I have the freedom and lifestyle that my dad said I’d have if only I worked hard enough – and so I did.

Me… if someone like me can do it, anyone can.

My whole life the deck was always stacked against me.

A poor student.

I didn’t even speak English.

So many learning disabilities that the school nurse patted me on the head and said she felt sorry for me.

I didn’t run fast, wasn’t strong, had no athletic prowess, missed out on prom and wasn’t even pictured in my high school yearbook.

And I wouldn’t change any of that for the world because every single thing that has happened to me has led to this very moment…

…of me sitting here, on my favorite couch at home, early in the morning writing you this email to tell you that NO ONE CAN STOP YOU from having the life that you want – no one.

You can have anything that you want. And if you think it’s too late, I’m here to tell you it’s not.

I was a late bloomer in every way. I’m living proof that it’s never too late. And I can tell you this… the best is yet to come!

So don’t you ever think that you were dealt a bad hand… because you weren’t. You were dealt the hand that you needed to be dealt so that you could become the awesome person that you’re meant to become.

It’s just a matter of living to your potential and making the most of what we’re given.rooster

And man, I can tell you this… we’re given a LOT… sometimes we just don’t realize it until it’s too late.

But I hope this email serves as a wake up call for you, so that you know that no one can stop you from living the life you want and having the freedom, health, and wealth that you deserve.

I believe in you.

No one can stop you!