Regarding your ATTITUDE

A new movie is coming out this November that you’ll want to see.

It’s based on a book I just read by Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor)
in which four Navy SEALs go on a mission into the mountains of
Afghanistan and only one of them survives – Marcus was the lone

In his book Luttrell talks about going through training to become
a Navy SEAL and what it took to “make it”…

…a must win, never quit, never give up attitude.

In his book he talks about how his instructors always drove
home the point: It pays to be a winner.

And it was that attitude and work ethic that was engrained in
him that helped him escape capture for days (while injured
and shot up) until he was rescued.

Now I know that the politically correct rhetoric these days is
that we’re all winners… we’re all the same… and that we
should all celebrate the “game” and not so much the winning
or losing aspect of it.


That’s just settling for mediocrity, which seems to be the new
standard for living for the masses.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just competitive.

Or maybe I have higher expectations of myself and my team,
but I do believe that it pays to be a winner.

Sadly, far too may people these days celebrate mediocrity.

Most feel that “good enough” is good enough.

The new mediocrity has become today’s normal standard of
I met so many trainers at Fitness Business Summit last week
who said that before coming to FBS13 they thought they were
doing well, but two days into the event they realized that they
still had plenty of room to grow their business, up their prices,
and deliver better results to their clients.

It’s only been a week since FBS13 and I’m already getting
messages from these same trainers who are telling me that
they’ve added more income, clients, and systems into their

Good for you guys! You know who you are 😉

You know what the problem was for these trainers?

They had settled for the new normal – mediocrity.

They gave up their personal standards and expectations of
themselves and accepted good enough.

And coming to Fitness Business Summit was an open handed
slap to their face.

An epic reality check.

I know how that is… I’ve had that in my own life before.

It’s like when a captain of a cargo ship sets the rudder of the
ship off by just one tiny little degree

it’s not much… to the entire crew it seems like the ship is going
straight ahead

but after a few hours, that ship is miles off course.

That’s what settling for mediocrity is like.

You don’t feel it at first.

You just kind of adjust your lifestyle and personal standards to
it, and before long you’ve become vanilla… white toast… one
of many who are fighting for the same scraps rather than setting
the bar high and standing out above the noise.

In my publishing company the bar is set high.

I have great partners, super talented and experts in their field
like no one else.

I know without a doubt that if we put out a shallow ebook, on a
vanilla sales site, with crap design, and half-assed copy we would
get sales simply becuase of who they are and the market they serve.

However, I also know that we only have one chance to make a
first impression and so the products that we put out in our publishing
company are all top shelf follow along videos and not just ebooks,
PDF manuals, or poorly made audio programs…

…from website design, to sales copy, to product delivery, to follow up
customer support – all top shelf.

We’ll let the other guys put out the shallow, poorly written ebooks.

Back in 2006 when I first created FitPro Newsletter I used coders
from overseas who did a hack job in not only the site design but
also the email deliver platform as well.

The day we launched FitPro Newsletter was my first $8,000 sales
day for my info business.

It was also the first time I had sold more than $1,000 in a day online.

But 23 days later emails stopped going out, the software platform
would randomly crash and my clients were pissed – rightfully so.

I was issuing refunds and bonus months of membership to minimize
the loss of clients.

It was bad… very bad.

As it turns out you can’t hire hack programmers and have them
build an email delivery platform on virtual servers hosted at GoDaddy.

The learning curve was steep…

I had never created software before

I had never needed my own servers

I had no clue what email authentication was, what redundancy was,
or how an enterprise email delivery platform worked.

It wold have been easier and cheaper to quit, cut my losses and
move on, but I had 47 remaining clients who trusted me and I wasn’t
going to let them know…

Never quit, never give up.

Once again we maxed out two of my credit cards and started learning
anything and everything there was to know about enterprise email software.

I hired a programer here in the states who I could reach anytime I wanted
with a simple call.

We got our own personal servers and set them up at the same server
center that the Pentagon, Motorolla, and AT&T use to house their servers.

And we went through the rigorous proccess of become trusted mailing
partners with every email service provider big and small such as Hotmail,
Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and a massive list of others.

Nearly $50,000 was spent (on my credit cards) in just the first two months
alone of redoing the FitPro Newsletter platform.

End result: the most awesomest email delivery platform ever created
for fitness pros with the highest delivery rates that automates content
delivery, referral generation, list building and comes with done-for-you
email promotions that get tons of clients into your fitness business.

And now we have thousands of fitness pros worldwide who use and trust
FitPro Newsletter to grow their business day in and day out.

Imagine had I given up.

Imagine had a quit.


It pays to be a winner and to have a never quit, never give up attitude.

Never ever settle for mediocrity my friend.

Set the bar high. Reach your goals. And then set bar up higher.

It’s all in your attitude.

I believe in YOU.


BTW, another great example of not settling or giving into mediocrity are
John and Cara Eckerman who own two Fit Body Boot Camp locations
in Chino Hills boot camp and Brea boot camp in California and are crushing it!

Check out how John and Cara are making it happen in this new video.