This Might Hurt Some

You’re probably a big fat liar and you don’t even know it.

See,the biggest lie that we tell ourselves and to others about why we’re not where we want to be in life, in health, in business, or in financial success is because you’re too busy, don’t know how, don’t have enough time or you have ADD and OCD…

fitness marketing systems…a total cop out, if you ask me.

I was that guy once who blamed it all on A.D.D., OCD, and learning disabilities.

All B.S.

And, I actually have A.D.D…

like, I was medicated for it…

by the Anaheim Union School District.

Because as a kid it affected my grades and behavior.

As an adult I kept using A.D.D. as an excuse because it helped justify why I was “stuck” in life.

But at some point I decided I was done using it as a crutch.

It was just a cop out, and I knew it.

I’ve learned to manage my A.D.D… sure I have days that I can’t concentrate as well as I want to, but long ago I put that excuse aside and it’s served me well.

And you should do the same, no matter what you’re excuses are.

Listen, if you’re still playing the blame game and using excuses like ADD, OCD, not having enough time, and being too busy to get what you want out of life – then slap yourself silly.

That’s an amateur belief system and it’s not serving you well.

It’s an out right lie… to yourself and the people around you.

And all you’re doing is diminishing your quality of life by having excuses and blaming circumstances in your life.

It’s a cop out – plain and simple.

My coaching client Dr. Peter Osborne is a Chiropractor, and he’s also got a growing info business and coaching program where he helps other Chiropractors better their business.

He’s also a father of three kids, and a husband.

AND he’s a seven figure earner.

I don’t know anyone who is busier than him, yet the guy makes zero excuses… he just gets shit done.

Then there’s Shawna Kaminski, another coaching client – a single mom, owns a very success Fit Body Boot Camp location and has a growing info business with three products under her belt.

Her businesses are ROCKIN!

I dare you to use the “busy” excuse in front of her…

…she’ll slap you silly.

No excuses… she just gets shit done.

Then there’s my other coaching client Dr. Mark Costes, a husband, father, and he runs two very successful dental practices, PLUS has info products…

…and is now launching a coaching program for other dentists who want to build a successful practice and actually have manageable working hours and a more freedom in their lives.

(I didn’t know this, but most dentists are over worked, burnt out, and feel stuck in their practice.)

Mark is as busy as they come, but he never uses that as an excuse.

He just gets sh!t done.

Look, I don’t know where it is you want to be in life, maybe you want a better training business, or maybe you just want better fitness marketing systems, or maybe you want more income, better systems, more time off with your family.

…or maybe you just want to spend more time on yourself, your well being, your spirituality, or what have you.

What’s stopping you?

If you’re making excuses like you’re too busy, or blaming ADD and OCD, or if you’re telling yourself some other type of lie, then stop it!

It all boils down to priorities and time management and dropping your excuses.

If it’s a big enough priority to you, then you’d make time for it. If it’s not then you’ll keep whining and making excuses.

About a month ago I told you about a book called Turning Pro.

It’s a great book, and Craig and I sent it out to all of our coaching clients early in the year – and it made a HUGE difference in how they view themselves and their business.

In a nutshell the book is about dropping your excuse, stopping your amateur way and turning Pro.

Amateurs make excuses – pros make things happen.

Time to turn pro… I believe in you!