Low Cost Boot Camp Marketing Strategies That Really Work

Boot camp marketing doesn’t have to be a really difficult thing to master, it can be tricky and time consuming if you’re not prepared, but when you have a goal in mind and the patience to put yourself out there then you will end up with that successful boot camp and financial freedom you always wanted.

Less People Interaction Marketing

This is the route you need to take when you’re already experienced with computers and technical stuff like SEO, PPC, blogging and website building to bring in more traffic to your business. There are also Facebook ads and email lists that you can utilize too, but these are things can get really involved and time consuming if you’re just starting out.

When you use this method of marketing you need to be sure that your message is clear and attention grabbing because you’re not in front of your audience’s face. The less interactive you are, the more your message needs to stand out.

If you’re competing with popular big box gyms, their search engine optimization may be at a different level than yours so it’s important to consider how involved and tedious less people interaction marketing can be.

More People Interaction Marketing

The way to really drive traffic through your boot camp doors is through a combination of online and offline lead generating strategies.

That being said, understand that boot camp marketing is something that should be done externally and internally in your business, and what this really translates to is referral generation and reactivation.

Referral Generation

When approaching your clients about referrals there is a right way and a wrong way. The right way is setting expectations early so that your clients already know that you want to take on more members and if you’re getting your current clients the results they want then they will be a lot more likely to refer a friend.

Some successful referral generation systems involve things like sending out monthly hand-written thank you cards, running referral contests, handing out $100 gift cards to your clients for them to pass out on your behalf, and posting positive messages to Facebook.

Just by studying up on these tactics you will be able to generate leads are ready, willing, and able to become one of your new clients. These strategies are basically your invisible sales team.


This is when you reconnect with a former client and get them to reactive their membership with your boot camp. Show your former clients that you value them by taking the time to figure out why they want to leave your boot camp in the first place. If the reason is financial then maybe you could sway them back in with a discount or a promotion. Offer killer deals that they can’t refuse like a 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss program for $21. If your client wants to leave and try a new trainer then you’d obviously try a different approach. Pay attention to why your clients want to opt out so in the future you will have all the information you need to try and reactivate their membership.

Boot Strap Boot Camp Marketing

This is one of my favorite client getting strategies mainly because it involves more creativity than other methods and is less expensive. These boot strap strategies include: lead box marketing, penetrating the prospect list of local businesses relevant to your boot camp, and viral Facebook marketing.

Lead boxes are great because they work for you, and you can put as many as you want out there. When venturing out and approaching local store managers be sure to tell them that you want to support their business as well. By letting them know that you have an interest in growing their business and they will be a lot more likely to let you put up a box. One coaching client of mine went out in the community and put up 50 boxes and ended up 326 leads. It’s work, but talk about results, right?

Human Billboard Marketing

Speaking of low cost boot camp marketing, “human billboards” are amazing at grabbing the attention of potential clients and showing what you can do as a personal trainer. They also position YOU as the expert, which exactly how the community should see you.

Educate and encourage your billboards to refer their circle of friends to your boot camp. The kicker here is that your billboard must be consistently bringing you clients or they’re not eligible for free training.

Focus your time and energy on utilizing these free and low cost marketing strategies so that you can grow your business without much start up. Build relationships with local businesses in your community so they’re more likely to help you out in the long run, and as always bring the energy, fun, and most importantly BE THE BEST YOU!