Organic Food and Alkaline Water

We all see organic products in the grocery store.

These days labeling and packaging foods with the
word “organic” on it instantly makes the product a
hot seller…

…so you can imagine the challenge that the USDA
is facing trying to manage and control manufactures
who are less then honest in their labeling processes.

Organically certified foods are supposed to be grown
without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs, radiation,
or growth hormones as well as free from other unnatural
growth methods.

Foods that are grown organically have a much higher nutritional
value than foods that are not.
Organically grown fruits and vegetables potentially contain
40% more antioxidants according to a Newcastle University
study and that’s the #1 reason why I believe we should
all eat as organic as possible.

In my email to you last week I mentioned how today’s
denatured foods, processed water, higher air pollution
and elevated levels of stress are keeping your body more
toxic and acidic (the ideal environment for breeding disease).

So it only makes sense to eat as organicly as possible
in addition to doing full body cleanse, detoxing your body
periodically and keeping yourself alkaline to ensure better

See, non-organic foods that were grown using radiation
methods can change the chemistry of the food itself,
some say even potentially promoting cancer.

Foods that were not grown organically can be genetically
modified, meaning they are different than the food you are
intending to buy.

You would think that the USDA would better regulate these
processes, however their resources are stretched thin considering
all that the have to manage and regulate.

The big draw back to organic produce…

Often times, organic produce can be less appealing the eye… nature
has a funny way of doing that.

But don’t let appearance fool you…try eating them before discounting
them. Some argue that they can actually taste the difference in
organic produce and meats.

Whether you can taste the difference or not, I can tell you that your
body will certainly experience the benefits of organic eating.

In fact, one study performed at the University of Washington compared
the urine of children who ate organic food with urine of children who ate
conventional food.

The results found that kids who ate an organic diet were exposed to six to
nine times fewer toxic pesticides than their conventional-eating peers.

Now keep in mind that these toxic pesticides in large amounts have
been linked to bone and brain cancer – yet they are being used day in
and day out on the foods you may be feeding yourself and your family.

It’s no wonder why people these days are far more acidic than ever
before – which in turn creates the perfect environment for disease to flourish.

My advice to you…

– Eat organic
– Periodically detox and cleanse your body
РAlkalize your body  with Alkaline Water Supplements
– Manage your bodies acidic levels