Marketing is Bad

I’m not sure what’s going on with our industry these days?

Seems like lately there’s a ton of bad advice being doled out
to fitness trainers who are struggling with their businesses.

Trainers who need more clients, more money, more leads,
more systems, more freedom, and more hope are being told
that marketing and money are bad…

….that you should focus on being a better trainer and not
on marketing, marketing, marketing.


Since when was being an awesome trainer and a great
marketer mutually exclusive?

Who decided that marketing is bad and that it made you
a sell out?
I have over 50,000 trainers on my email list. And none of them
opted into my list because they wanted to be better trainers.

I don’t teach being a better trainer.

I teach being a better fitness entrepreneur.

To me, it’s a given that you’re an awesome trainer and that you
deliver killer results.

But being the best trainer does not make you the most successful.

It sucks that it’s that way – but it is.

Listen, let me tell you something…

It’s not about build a better mouse trap so they will come.

It’s about building a better mouse trap and marketing the hell
out of it… AND THEN they will come.

NEVER be afraid to market.

NEVER balk at the idea of selling yourself or your services.

It stands to reason that Apple makes a slew of fine product.

Heck, you might be reading this email on your Apple product
this very moment.

What do we know about Apple?

1. They make killer products.

2. Their products add value to our lives.

3. They are THE most profitable company in the U.S.
(possible the world)

4. Apple has more liquid cash available than the federal

And what else do we know about Apple?

They fanatically market the hell out of their products,
brands, and services.


Because as far as I’m concerned they have an ethical
obligation to market their products to us.

They have superior products with their MacBooks, and
iPhone, and iPods, and iPads, and iTunes and what have you.

The products that Apple creates make our lives better,
more convenient.

And if Apple waited for me to go out and find them or to
learn about their products through word of mouth then I’d
probably be typing this email out to you on inferior PC and
next to me would be a really slick flip phone instead of an

Thank God Apple markets heavily – they saved me from making
a bad purchase decision multiple times.

Aren’t you the “Apple” of fitness trainers in your community?

I know without a shadow of a doubt that you’re the best damn
trainer in town.

You know it.

Your clients know it.

But what about your community… do they know it?

If Mrs Jones woke up this morning feeling fat and wanting to
lose weight and get back into shape, YOU are the first person
she should think about…

…not the gym
…not the weight watchers
…not the retarded gizmo gadget from the infomercials
…not that new fancy diet pill
…and certainly not the other trainers in town

YOU should be front of mind – no one else.

Marketing is the ONLY thing that will get you there.

Everything you do is marketing…

The before and after pictures and videos you pump out there.

The culture that you build within your facility.

The referrals your clients give you becuase they love you.

It’s all marketing.

But those are just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s a ton more marketing and lead generation you can
do to build your business and get more clients.

I sent an email out with my list of the top 21 fitness marketing
ideas a few months ago.

You can see that list here…

Here’s an example of being a prolific marketer AND a passionate

My friend and Fit Body Boot Camp owner Steven Hadley
found himself on the front cover of the local paper this

The paper wrote up this awesome article on him and his Fit
Body Boot Camp location and all the good he’s doing in Daphne,
Alabama to help folks live healthier and more active lives.

Here’s a quote from Steven from that article…

“The reason I chose fitness training as a career is becuase
I have a passion for helping people, and you mix that with
my passion for fitness and it’s more like a purpose”.

Now, I’m guessing you’re a lot like Steven.

You’re passionate about fitness and you like helping people.

THIS is your purpose.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that Steven is a marketing
and selling machine becuase he’s focused on his goal.

See, Steven has a goal to help folks in his community drop
15,000 pounds within the next five years.

Marketing, selling and delivering exceptional service is what’s
going to get him to that goal.
How many people do you want to reach?

How much financial security and freedom do you want in life?

Never be afraid to market IF you consider yourself the “Apple”
of all trainers in your community.

You should be out there marketing, generating leads, finding
prospects, building your list, being talked about, getting referrals,
and selling like a machine.


Because if you’re any good at what you do, then you have an
ethical obligation to sell and market your service.

Otherwise your potential clients are going to waste their time,
money and effort on something inferior that doesn’t deliver the
results like you do.

Never be afraid, reluctant, or embarrassed to sell and market
yourself and services.

Market > Sell > Deliver Results > Repeat

Committed to your success,
Bedros Keuilian