How to Grow a Personal Training Business

There are only three ways to grow your personal training

And you need to know what these 3 ways are.

Because once you’ve mastered these three areas of
business growth – all the guess work behind getting
more clients and building your business is removed.

Two days ago at the Craig Ballantyne’s TT Summit
I spoke about this very thing and I think a bunch of trainers
in the audience had big breakthroughs.

So I thought I’d share this with you, too.

Could you use a 30% boost in income from your business?

I’ll explain how in just a moment.

But first, let me tell you what the only three ways are for
growing your fitness business.

Way 1: Market better.

How many prospects did you get from the last print ad or
postcard that you mailed out?

How many prospects do you get from your website?

What about Facebook, lead boxes, referrals, and email

If you’re getting 60 prospects a month, and you could just improve
your marketing by a measly 10% you’d get 66 prospects each

How do you improve your marketing by 10%?

By track your marketing and lead generation metrics.

That which gets measured gets improved.

Study direct response marketing.

Dissect ads and promotions that you know have worked for
others and figure out how to make it work for you.

Way 2: Convert better.

Increase your closing percentage.

If you’re closing 7 out of every ten prospects into paying
clients – increase that by just 10%, and now you’re closing
8 out of ten prospects.

I’ll show you how all this adds up to a 30% bump in income
in just a moment.

Way 3: Get more money from each client.

If on average your clients stay on board for 10 months,
then a 10% increase would increase client retention to
11 months, right?

That’s more money for you.

Lets assume that the average client pays you $247/month.

That means you just got yourself an extra $247 per month
from EACH of your clients.

And when you increase the mount they pay you each month
by ten percent, now you’re getting $272/month per client.

So how do you retain longer and justify a higher monthly fee?

Three ways…

1. Deliver the results as promised.

2. Give them appreciation and recognition that they can’t or
don’t get anywhere else.

Send them a personal text a couple times per week and puff
them up.

Take a picture of them while they’re working out and post it
to their Facebook wall along with a cool comment where you
giving them recognition for the whole world to see.

Send them a small meaningful gift in the mail every other
month or so.

Even a had written thank you card with with a $10 Starbucks
gift card in it – just becuase.

3. Exceed their expectations. Be the trainer that they never
knew existed.

Make their workouts fun and make your place their “second

Okay, so lets assume that you get 60 prospects per month
now… and that a ten percent increase gives you six more
new prospects each month.

And lets assume that you convert 7 out of 10 prospects into
paying clients right now.

So a ten percent bump there takes you from 70% closing
percentage to 80%.

Oh, and lets just assume that you charge each client
$247/month, so a ten percent bump would take you to

Lets just round that up to $272/month to keep the math

And finally, a ten percent bump in retention would takes you
from ten months of client retention to eleven.

Now lets do the math.

Before the ten percent increase in these three areas you were

60 new prospects each month.

Now you’re getting 66 new prospects each month.

Before you were closing at 70%.

Now you’re closing at 80%.

Before you were getting $247 per month from each client.

Now you’re getting $272 from each clients.

Before you were retaining each client for an average of
ten months, now you’re keeping them for an average of
eleven months.

Okay, drum roll please…

Before you were bringing in $10,374/month

Now you’re bring in $14,416/month.

…an EXTRA $4,042 a month raise!

The bottom line is this.

Just by increasing you marketing, closing, and retention
by 10% you were able to add 30% more income to your

Small changes.

Big difference.

And that reminds me of what Alwyn Cosgrove said at
the TT Summit to the audience.

“You can’t make a six figure income if you keep doing more
of the things that made you five figures.”

Makes a whole lot of sense to me.

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian

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