Fitness Business Coaching Program

Okay, so I may go down in history as the guy with the
worst “launch” proccess ever.

Funny, becuase I run two sold out info mastermind
groups with six and seven figure earners in the groups…

…yet I break my own rules of marketing all the time…
well, not all the time… but definitely THIS TIME.

Considering that I’m launching a new fitness business
coaching program this Tuesday you’d think that I’d be
pumping out video after video to build anticipation and

Truth is, we made two “launch videos… I posted one on
my fan page wall and that’s about as far as it’s gonna
make it.

You can see it here IF you’re really that interested in a
fancy video with shock and awe and all types of cool
exploding effects lol

(it’s like the third or fourth post down on the wall)

Honestly, the second launch video will never even
make it out… but it is pretty cool with tons of shock
and awe and all that jazz.

Plus I should have all my affiliates emailing out for
this new fitness business coaching program and talking
about how awesome it’s going to be and all.

…which, by the way, it will be awesome and is in fact
something I’ve been secretly working on for a while

See, I get a ton of emails and Facebook messages
each month from trainers who want in on my 7 Figure
Formula mastermind program so that I can help them
grow their business, get more clients and income and
create better systems – basically to crack the high six

But, there’s two major problems….

1. The average trainer who wants to work with
me can’t afford to becuase my private coaching
and mastermind programs are way out of their

2. Plus, all three of my mastermind programs are full
and sold out. So even if you could afford to get in on
the mastermind programs – you can’t, becuase they’re
sold out.

But like I said, I really enjoy working with trainers who
are hard working and ambitious and want to take their
business to the next level.

It would be like you having all the clients you wanted
at the rate you wanted. And when someone wanted
to train with you but couldn’t afford your rates, you couldn’t
take them on becuase they couldn’t afford you.

Would you try to create a program where you could
help potential clients like that out?

And that was my dilemma, which is why I created the
Fitness Business Accelerator Program.

It’s a low cost business coaching program that doesn’t
require me to travel…

…doesn’t require quarterly masterminds…

…doesn’t require that I get away from the HQ for long
periods of time.

AND still allows me to coach you to massive success.

Like I said, had I done a proper launch for this program
I wouldn’t have to explain all this here becuase it would
be all been handled in launch videos, fancy blog posts,
and EVEN a snazzy webinar…

….but instead I chose to cut out the fluff and just give
you the facts.

So here are three fact you’ll want to know.

1. The Fitness Business Accelerator Coaching Program
launches this Tuesday at 9:00 AM PST (4:00 PM EST).

2. It’s a 9 months accelerated coaching program for
fitness trainers who want to break the six figure mark
and can’t afford to get into my higher level mastermind
programs that run $24,000/year.

3. I shall now answer your questions and address the
rumors I’ve heard about the coaching program…

1. Question: What is Fitness Business Accelerator Program?

Answer: See #2 above.

2. Question: How does the Accelerator Program work?

Answer: When you join the Accelerator Program you’ll
get access to resources and content which you’ll be using
in your business to get more clients, leads, referrals, and
build better systems.

Each month starting June 19th I’ll be hosting a webinar
where I’ll give you three things to apply in your business.

1. Systems and operations to run a better organized business.

2. Internal client generation program to get more referrals,
reactive past clients, and re-ignite dead sales.

3. External marketing tactics to generation more leads,
prospects, and clients, from Facebook, google, youtube,
email lists, local business, print ads, and direct mail.

In the weeks following each webinar you’ll get two one on
one Accountability and Action calls to make sure that you’re
you’re taking action and to address any questions or challenges
you may have.

And you’ll get unlimited email access so that your questions
never go unanswered and so that your marketing pieces can
get critiqued before you deploy them.

3. Question: Who is the Accelerator Program for?

Answer: It’s for any fitness trainer who runs a fitness business
and wants to take that business to $100,000 – $250,000/year

4. Question: Is it as expensive as your private coaching or
mastermind programs?

Answer: Nope. Just one one-on-one client or a couple
boot camp clients will pay for your monthly investment.

5. Question: What do I get with the Accelerator Program?

Answer: See question #2 above. You get the education and
resources so you can get more clients, have better organized
systems, get more income and higher profit and freedom.

6. Question: Is the program guaranteed like all your products

Answer: Nope. My products are guaranteed becuase they are
products and don’t require any of my time and effort. If you
use them you’ll get more clients and make more money. If you
don’t, then you can ask for a refund and we will gladly give it
to you.

However, this is a coaching program just like my 100K info
group, 7 Figure group, and private mentorship programs.

And just like these programs, the Accelerator Program takes
time, effort, and energy on my part. And just like these programs
if you choose not to take action and apply what I teach, then
I can’t force you to and therefor I don’t offer a guarantees on
coachingĀ  programs…

…doing so would mean I endorse or promote inaction. And I

How’s that for politically correct?

So then, once you read the website on Tuesday, you’ll instantly
know if this is right for you or not. And if is, I suggest you come
on board.

If you have any other questions regarding the Fitness Business
Accelerator Program just leave your question on my Facebook
wall or you can also ask your
question on my fan page

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian