The Missing Magic Formula

I tend to learn lessons the hard way.

As a kid, when we first arrived to the U.S.
the first English words I learned where
naturally of the four letter variety.

I was six years old and I had just learned
the F-bomb…

…all day long I couldn’t stop dropping the

That’s what happens when you come from
a foreign country, don’t know the English
language, and all of a sudden you learn
something fun like the F-bomb.

All day long it was F this and F that.

F –  F – F!
Naturally when my mom picked me up from
kindergarten that day – on our walk home I
was peppering the F-bomb into every sentence.

This didn’t sit well with my mom.

She asked me to stop.

I refused.

She told me to stop.

I still refused.

She demanded that I stop in that one voice that
all moms have… you know the one where you
KNOW she means business!

… I still refused.

F this, F that, F, F, F! I was having a blast with
my new found single word vocabulary.

That’s when my mom said “wait till your pops
gets home”.

(Only, she said it in Armenian)

I begged her to not tell dad. I stopped dropping
the F-bomb instantly.

But it was too late.

When pops got home from his third job he
gave me a serious ass whoop’in.

I had it coming.

I stopped using the F-bomb… (around my folks)

Like I said, I learn things the hard way.

The same things happened to me in business.

Back in 2001 when I first thought up and launched
Hitech Trainer, it was one of only two online personal
training programs on the market.

Within a year or so I figured out how to market
it to trainers who wanted to train clients online and
create an additional income stream.

In fact, by 2003 Hitech Trainer was the #1 fitness
workout app on the Sprint network.

At the time there were no app stores.

Sprint just called it their “juke box”. We sold the
Hitech Trainer app to thousands of people on
the Sprint network.

It was really cool actually. People would pay
$2.99 for app, download it to their phone, and
the follow along with the workouts.

But the trainer version which we sold online
was suffering…

It’s not that we had poor sign up rates. In fact Hitech
Trainer was doing about $25,000/month just selling
it to trainers.

HOWEVER the “stick rate” sucked.

The average trainer would sign up for Hitech Trainer,
stay on board for only three months and then bounce.

The reason for the high attrition rate was becuase
the program was to time consuming to use.

The more online training clients you got, the more time
you had to spend, and soon it was too much work to
create and manage all these online workouts.

That was the “do it yourself model”… EPIC FAIL.

So a couple of years ago I made the decision to
pull Hitech Trainer off the shelf.

Even though we were making good money with Hitech
Trainer – the product was not meeting my expectations
of what I wanted it to deliver to the industry – so it had to
be pulled.

Conversely, back in 2006 I created FitPro Newsletter, the
whole idea behind FitPro Newsletter was to create a
“done-for-you” system for trainers that…

– delivers weekly fitness e-newsletters to your clients and

– automates lead and referral generation

– builds a massive and responsive email list for you

– positions you as the local expert

– and uses Facebook and Twitter to automatically get you in
front of more leads and prospects


FitPro Newsletter has a 29 month (and increasing) stick

That’s crazy good no matter what industry you’re in.


Because FitPro Newsletter is all DONE-FOR-YOU and
Hitech Trainer was Do-It-Yourself.

Lesson: Both products delivered results. However Hitech
Trainer was a do-it-yourself model and FitPro Newsletter
is all done-for-you.

Do the work for people. Make it done-for-you and easy for
your clients and they will stay, pay, and refer longer.

Now, since then I’ve learned my lesson and we’ve re-tooled
and re-launched Hitech Trainer 2.0 and made it totally done-

Needless to say it’s kicking major butt 🙂

Here’s what YOU can do for your clients…

– Make it easier for them to get and keep results.

– Remove all complexity from your program.

– Provide them with day-by-day “what to eat” meal plans
that are goal specific.

– Give (or refer) them resources to help with mindset,
accountability and motivation.

The “magic formula” is to make your programs, products,
and services as done-for-you as possible if you want to build
the ultimate fitness business.

Live Easy,

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. I need help naming a new client getting DVD I just produced.
For the first time EVER I put footage from one of my masterminds
onto a DVD.

You can get the DVD for free if you help me name the darn thing.