Recognizing Achievement and Excellence

Recognizing Achievement and Excellence Fit Body Boot Camp

I believe that recognition and appreciation go far with people. In fact years ago IBM did a study with their employees and discovered that when given the choice between an average pay increase versus recognition in what they do, more people chose recognition over money.

A couple of months ago at the Fit Body Boot Camp Word Conference Steve and I wanted to surprise a few Fit Body Boot Camp owners by recognizing them for excellence in their business and accomplishing specific achievements.

Again, just want to publicly give big props to the FBBC owners in this video. Hard work, awesome service, and passion for what you do pays off!

Here’s the footage of that award presentation.

Congratulations and BIG PROPS to the following winners of the first annual Fit Body Boot Camp Achievement and Excellence award…

Tien Do

Sonya Gonzalez

Stephanie Flynn

Rebecca Tabbert

Shawna Kaminski

Jeff Sherman

Israel LoBue

Torry Plunk

Marcia and Egan Inoue

Scott and Joyce Wyatt

John Bocobo

John and Cara Eckerman

Jeremy Werner

Riccardo Scalla

Champions!! 🙂