Fitness Business Mastermind Invitation

Only two spots remain for the May 24th one day Fitness
Business Mastermind taking place in San Diego.

If you own a personal training business want the fast track
to getting to the next level then keep reading…

Here’s your chance to be a part of a very special experiment
that ends up with YOU getting more clients, being a better
fitness marketer and out positioning your competitors…


The experiment involves you, seven other success minded
fitness trainers, myself, Kevin Halbert and Bond Halbert
(Yes, Bond has the coolest name ever.)

Now if you don’t know who Kevin and Bond Halbert are
then simply do a google search for “Gary Halbert” and you’ll
see that he was the greatest direct response marketer
that ever lived.

Kevin and Bond (Gary’s sons) totally killed it at Fitness Business
Summit 12 a couple months ago. They live and breath marketing,
and the teaching this stuff in the coolest ways.

So here’s the low down…

Kevin, Bond and I are going to take eight fitness professionals,
lock ourselves in a meeting room for a ten hour day, and teach
you how to build the most powerful lead generation, client
conversion, and referral generation systems EVER.

This is one day mastermind coaching program that is totally
outcome driven.

And the outcome we have in mind for you is to teach you how
to craft and deploy online and offline lead generators so that you
will have a constant flood of new prospects and clients for
your training business.

I’m also going to GIVE you my best performing postcards,
print ads, search engine ranking secrets and promotional
campaigns that have produced a boatload of new leads,
prospects, and clients for my top level coaching clients.

Imagine how much faster your personal training business would
grow if you had predictable marketing, lead and referral generation
strategies and systems ready to deploy at will.

If you know anything about me then you know that I’ve helped
create four (that I know if) seven figure generating trainers,
and hundreds of six and multiple six figure generating trainers.

I’m not telling you this to impress you. I’m telling you this to
impress upon you that I’ve not only been there myself, but I’ve
also coached and consulted other fitness pros just like you
to massive success.

I’m also going to teach you how to run a higher profiting fitness
business. So we’ll be covering pricing, EFT, trainer and staff pay,
how to hire and delegate to an assistant and how to better
manage your time.

Productivity is massive if you want to be super successful and
still have a freedom based lifestyle.

Here are the details of this one time only mastermind.

WHEN: May 24th, 2012

WHERE: Super secret place in San Diego

HOW MUCH: Now if you were to do a day of private coaching
with me you’d pay $12,000. And if you were to join my 7 Figure
Formula Mastermind Group (not accepting new members at this
time) you’d pay $24,000 for the year.

However, this one day small group mastermind with myself and
Kevin and Bond Halbert isn’t going to cost you anywhere near
what you should be paying for it.

In fact, the reason we’re holding this one day coaching mastermind
is to make ourselves available to fitness business owners who
can’t otherwise afford to do a day of coaching with me or to join my
7 Figure Formula Mastermind group.

And since I’ll be in San Diego for that weekend anyway running
my 7 Figure Formula Mastermind group I thought I’d come a day
early and offer this special one say mastermind trainers who want
to build a reliable and successful fitness business.

And my friends Kevin and Bond were kind enough to offer to teach
along with me. So you’re in luck!

I’ve priced this one day mastermind at $1,997 which is a really good
deal considering the value that you’ll get and the actionable information
you’ll walk away with.

And the information that you’ll have can realistically add another $5,000 –
$10,000 month to your income when you take action on it.

Now if you think this one day of intensive masterminding is right
for you then do the following…

1. Email Frankie at [email protected] and let him know you’re
interested in attending this mastermind on May 24th in San Diego.

2. Frankie will give you all the details of the mastermind and if one
of the two spots are still available then we’ll see you in San Diego!

Easy enough, right?

Since this email is going out to over 50,000 fitness trainers, it’s probably
going to fill up fast. So reach to Frankie at [email protected] if you
think this is something you want to attend and grab one of the last two
remaining spots.

Looking forward to coaching you to massive success,

Bedros Keuilian