10 Ways To Systematize Your Personal Training Business

A Personal Training Business Systems Guest Post By Stephan and Mark Gray

Personal Training BusinessWhen Bedros asked us to write a blog post for him we were thrilled, it proved to us we have been acknowledged as Systems geeks!

We have totally no worries with the label… Systems have enabled us to open 2 Personal Training Studios and live ridiculously free lives!

Our aim for this blog is for you to get usable tactics that you can implement right now which can help get you better organized, give you better fitness marketing strategies and stimulate more clients referrals.

Lets begin!

1.    A System is not a system unless it has a check

I’ve noticed a lot of people (particularly in the fitness world) think that as long as you write down how a process is done then you are covered… Wrong! How do you know if something is being done right by your employee? Or on time?

You must have “checks” written into your systems, so that the position above checks that the system is carried out correctly by the person they are responsible for.

Example: Our Admin uploads content to facebook once a day. Our General Manager checks this once a week. Our CEO checks this once a month.

2.    Have templates for EVERYTHING…

When I say everything I mean it. Phone answering scripts laminated and next to the phone, the exact wording used from the greeting of a sales prospect through to taking their card details, Personal Trainer Greetings, and anything else in your business that requires interaction.

3.    The 1st thing to systematize is your client experience

I was recently talking to a successful fitness studio owner and was amazed to hear he had did not have a systematic way of retaining clients.

Ie. “His client experience”

This guy has hundreds of clients and makes a lot of money… Just imagine how much easier his life would be if he knows each one of his clients will receive the same service he identified as being the best…each and every time.

4.    Have a daily meeting

We discovered this when reading a book recently (side tip – Always Learn!) and implemented straight away.

Have a meeting with your employees directly to stop too many CC emails.

Example:  Our General Manager has a standing up 5 Minute meeting with 2 assistants at 10:38 am each day. We then have a meeting with him at 11:04am (via phone for that one) and our trainees at 4:38pm. These happen each and every day. And of course the format and questions are scripted.

5.    Daily Gym Checklist

A simple form that has a list of how everything in your facility should look. Put check boxes by each point and then you or your staff are able to make your gym look the same at all times.

Personal Trainer Business

6.    You have it sorted if you don’t have to explain a system

When you can upload a new action sheet to your manual and your staff can carry it out perfectly without questions you are sorted, until that time continually tweak your systems and how you write them.

7.    Use Video

All of our systems are written on “action sheets” and located in our online manual. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use other media to get your point across. Often our action sheets link to online videos explaining complex tasks in further detail.

8.    If it happens in your business, systematize it

Even if it happens once a year make sure you have it documented. You will be grateful when it comes to doing it again.

Example: A referral competition is done maybe 2 times a year…but we have found it a lot more effective when our staff can run it from the systems sheets.

9.    Don’t believe ‘No one else can do it… I am the best’

I am sure you are totally awesome at what you do. Whether it’s training, arranging your filing, uploading pictures to Facebook etc and you probably feel there is no one that can do it as well as your right? Wrong!

As long as someone has the right attitude you can recreate a mini you. I love hearing our clients refer to our trainers as the third twin… Just not as good looking (That last bit was me).

10. Don’t micro-manage

Let the systems run your personal training business and your employees run the systems. If done correctly all of your systems will have “checks” in them. Let these be the only times you check up on your employees for small tasks. If it is super important you simply make your managerial check happen more often in your calendar.

We really hope you will have gotten something out of that list to better systematize personal training business. These are only the tip of the iceberg but implement these things and you will be well on your way to less stress, more organization and better processes.

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