The One Personal Trainer Marketing Mistake To Avoid

If you want to seriously screw up your personal trainer marketing efforts then you Should Only Put ONE Oar in the Water…personal trainer marketing

You know why? Because you’ll keep going around in freakin’ circles!

Think about it, just how far do you think you will get down the river in your boat with only one oar? Probably not too far and even if you do make some progress, you are gonna have some seriously sore arms the next day! But, what if you had a few friends helping you out, each of you operating two oars…now you’ve got six oars, moving in tandem all for one unified goal… and man, you now have that boat FLYING down the river!

Well, the same situation applies to personal training marketing systems.

Let me explain…

Let’s say you just opened up your personal training business or have had one for awhile and you want to ramp up your personal trainer marketing machine. So, you call up the local print rag and pop in an ad. Then you wait.

And wait, and wait, and wait. You might get some emails or a few phone calls, sure. But that ONE ad, is your ONE oar. You will see some movement, but it will probably be limited and it probably won’t get you to your destination. Now, let’s take a different approach and throw a few more oars into the water and see what happens:

Your Personal Training Marketing Oars

Friends/Family-Don’t neglect the low hanging fruit! It may have been awhile since you spoke about your fitness business marketing to those closest to you and chances are, you have taken them for granted. You never know who they may have met recently or even if they themselves have made a decision to get into better shape. Let them know that you are absolutely looking to grow your personal training business and ask if they know anyone who may be interested in trying you out. Do NOT be afraid to outright ask those in your personal circle and encourage them to do the same if they ever need help from you.

Online Marketing-Sure, you put up a website, maybe have a Facebook page, but I will bet that there is major room for you to grow your online marketing presence. Go ahead and write some killer blog posts and throw them on your blog! (Make sure to include the keywords that your target market will be Googling) take some cool pics or vids of your clients or even you doing some kind of whacked out exercise post and blast it out on Facebook and your blog. Check out some local high traffic websites whose visitors are your target market and look to write and article for it, or maybe doing some banner advertising. The point is, find out where your target marketing is playing online and join in the fun! Make sure they find YOU by putting yourself in front of THEM.

markeing personal training Networking-Personally, I am a HUGE fan of networking…it is probably my favorite “oar” and I make it a point to throw it in the water every chance I get. In case you throw up a little in your mouth each time you think about handing out business cards to stuffy people who are all dressed in suits trying to sell you their stuff, then it may be time for you to start thinking about networking as FRIENDSHIP BUILDING. You see, the best and most successful networkers aren’t handling themselves at events in the way described above. Instead, they are just trying to make and build friendships.

Friends will do business with you without even asking questions. Whereas “business associates” will question you, your clients, your prices, etc. Work to find common ground with other people, find out what they like to do, find things you can laugh about, and most importantly, let your passion for your personal training business shine through!

Try to attend some kind of networking event each and every week. Don’t collect business cards, collect friend. Tell them honestly that you really want to help as many people as you can get into INCREDIBLE shape. Don’t worry if THEY don’t become your client, but make sure you sell them on your passion and rest assured, they will tell their friends even if they don’t sign up themselves. This is a perfect segue to…

Referrals-Referrals are the lifeblood of many a fitness business and they are by far the most economical and profitable way to build your business. BUT, you can just do a good job and hope they come in, you have to be proactive and MAKE them happen! You have to make sure that your personal trainer marketing machine includes a kick ass referral program that puts cash in the hands of those who refer you AND makes it incredibly easy to do so.

I am talking about offering plastic gift cards for them to hand out and reward them well for anyone that signs up. Cash gift cards, free training sessions, and spa gift certificates make great rewards for referrals but be creative. Find out what your clients want and give it to them to reward for referrals. Someone who is referred to you by a happy client doesn’t need nearly as much convincing to sign up and they are more likely to stay with you longer as well. Referrals are gold, go out and get em!

Direct Mail-Some people hate junk mail, and actually, I am one of em. But, there is no question that it WORKS. A quality marketing message combined with an irresistible offer printed on an inexpensive post card or sales letter mailed to your target market will get you clients! Yep, it can get expensive, but start in small areas and build your direct mail campaigns as you see what works. You don’t want to put ALL your efforts in this area, but make sure it is at least one of the oars you have paddling for your personal training marketing machine.

Email Marketing-I know, you have heard me say this one almost like a broken record, but the fact remains, if you have a quality email list, you can sign up clients and mamarketing fitnesske money as simply as typing an offer and hitting SEND. Seriously, it can be that easy. If you don’t have a huge list, don’t worry, it can take some time, but no matter what, make sure you are collecting emails (and getting permission to send to them!) and communicate with these folks regularly. Treat them like dear friends, NOT simply as a source of potential cash.

Make your communications valuable and they will open your emails. The more valuable the content, the more people will open them, so when you DO have an irresistible offer to throw their way, you will land some quick and easy clients just by hitting send.

Print Ads-Similar to direct mail, print ads can be expensive, but DO work. The more targeted the publication is to your target market the higher your response will be, so make sure you get all the pertinent info before throwing you credit card down. Start with small ads and make them bigger as you perfect your message and offer. Owning the front page of your local newspaper looks cool, but it may just blow your budget. Be smart and make print ads one of your oars, NOT your entire boat!

Personal Trainer Marketing Explained

Ok, can you see how quickly your personal training and fitness marketing boat will be cruising if you throw all these oars in the water to work together at the same time? That is leverage baby! If one isn’t producing, it is a good bet that some of the other ones will. If you can’t afford to hit all these areas at first, don’t fret, just lock in what you can and build out your list as you become more successful. Keep yourself organized, try new marketing messages or offers, KEEP NOTES ON WHAT WORKS AND WHAT DOESN’T so your efforts will be as profitable as possible.

Live Easy 🙂