Define Your Business Code

Well before I ever knew it, I was running my business
by a set of core values that defined us and made us
a force to be reckoned with.

When I ran my five training facilities in San Diego
we dealt with a good amount of competition.

The competition included big box gyms, small private
gyms, and other training studios. Not to mention the
weight loss clinics, and diet centers.

Even with all that, we did well… really well, becuase
the “thing” that made us stand out above any other
training program was what we were known for…

Results and Exceeding the client’s expectations.

I have to admit that at that time I knew we had something
special, and that it was a big reason why clients referred
others to us – but I really had no idea EXACTLY what the
“thing” was that made us so special.

I guess you can say I was operating my business
instinctively, basically by doing for our clients what I saw my
father do for his customers in the little tailor shop he owned
in Anaheim, California.

Later as I started offering info products and coaching
programs the same level of service and higher level of
client satisfaction transferred to that business as well.

What’s cool is that just like my training studios… my staff
and team in my coaching and consulting business adopted
my way of doing business…

…things like picking up the phone by the second ring here
at the HQ.

…unexpected and meaningful bonuses sent to our clients
along with the product they purchased.

…and VIP bonus upgrades and cool swag for the trainers who
attend Fitness Business Summit.

By this point of course I realize what we had was a set
of core values and a code by which we did business by.

THAT is what separated “us” from “them”.

And now as we built Fit Body Boot Camp from zero
locations just over two years ago, to nearly 200 locations
in eight countries, we have ten very defined core values
that define and guide our every move.

And these same core values are what we pass onto our
Fit Body Boot Camp location owners as well, so they can
use them with their clients.

Here they are…

1. Inspire fun and deliver happiness
2. Be determined and driven
3. Take pride in ownership
4. Be nimble and decisive
5. Instill confidence
6. Be humble
7. Embrace, encourage and drive change
8. Cultivate a positive team and family culture
9. Exceed the client’s expectations
10. Communicate openly and honestly

These ten core values have been the foundation
for me for the last 15 years that I’ve been in business
for myself.

This is the “code” that we run our business by.

Thinking back, these are the ten core values that
my father operated his business by and it served
him well.

Here’s why I think having core values are so important
in your business …

They serve as your “true north” for any and all decisions
you’ll make in your business.

Your core values will define the level of service you

They’ll define your conduct and reputation in the

They’ll help you decide who to hire in your business.

They’ll help you make the toughest decisions that
need to be made.

And they’ll help you create a business that truly
operates as a category of one – a business that is
client centric.

Live Easy,

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. If you’re wondering why core value #9 above
is bolded, it’s becuase if I had to choose just one
“code” to run my business by, it would be that one.