What They’re Saying About Your Fitness Business

They’re talking about you and you need to know it.
Fitness Business Marketing
You’re clients, past clients, and prospects are all talking about
you to others in the community and what they’re saying can
build or destroy your fitness business.

Here’s a story to prove my point…

This past Saturday a good friend of ours went to a St. Patrick’s
day party at a local restaurant that was having it’s grand opening
that day.

The restaurant, Dillon’s here in Chino Hills, is Irish themed making
it perfect for a grand opening celebration on St. Patrick’s day.

Knowing that the restaurant would be packed that day, our friend
made reservations for her party for that evening at 10:30 AM that

She even arrived early, at 2:00 PM to make sure that her party
would get seated later that day.

After hours of waiting she was told that becuase the restaurant was
so packed they were going to do “open seating” only.

When our friend asked to speak to a manager, the manager reassured
her that she would get a table for her party after all.

Now at this point, half her party was inside the restaurant and the
other half was outside. Hours later when they were to be seated
only the half inside the restaurant were allowed to sit.

Because the place was packed, the other half of her party who
was waiting outside was not allowed to come in to be seated.


Needless to say our friend got pissed and her and her party went
off to a different restaurant.

What the restaurant owner, manager and staff didn’t know is that this
person was someone of influance in the comunity. She owns a successful
business here in Chino Hills that services folks who have the income
to go out and eat often.

And ever since, she’s been telling her friends and clients about her
poor experience at Dillion’s.

Word spreads fast.

And frankly it doesn’t matter if she’s a person of influence or not. Anyone
can go and share their experience with the world these days because
the internet makes the world a lot smaller place.

On the flip side, there’s a restaurant here in the same complex as our HQ,
it’s called Mes Amis, and they have the best food EVER!

Highest quality ingredient, service, and experience.

I started going there about six months ago. Then I shared my experience with
the team here at the HQ, now everyone here goes there for lunch and dinner.

In fact, the owner of Mes Amis is so awesome… he comes to everyone’s table
and asks how the food and your experience is. He shakes hands and knows
us by name now.

You can’t help but feel special.

Why wouldn’t I continue to go to his restaurant? Further, why wouldn’t I refer
others to Mes Amis, like I am now.

Just two days ago I was talking to the staff at Starbucks about good
restaurants here in town and I found myself talking up Mes Amis to them.

I’m guessing they’ll have the same awesome experience that my staff and I
had, and they’ll share it with others.

Think about the things your clients and the people who come in contact with
you are saying about you and your business.

It’s an old saying, but it’s totally true. There’s no better advertising then word of

Think about what your service, facility, and fitness marketing are saying bout you.