Easy Video Tactics For Personal Trainers

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There’s no denying it, video can do big things for your fitness business.

Video can bring your testimonials to life. They can showcase your studio or boot camp, and it can event make a killer website promo video that delivers the shock and aw to future prospects.

Simply put, video is king. But if you go about it all wrong it can really send the wrong message about you and your training business.

So I thought it would be cool if I got my own personal video genius, Rob Jaeger,  to share with you some very simple things that can make a world of difference in how you shoot your next youtube, blog, testimonial or promo video.

I mean this guy has shot for and edited cinematic movies so he knows a thing or two when it comes to videos that sell and move peoples emotions (which is exactly what you want your videos to do).

Drop some knowledge Rob!

Hey Rob here,

Great video is about having dynamic content and a compelling message.  The videos that impress me the most are often not the really high end ones because I know that a lot money and a whole team are behind it.


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I am always impressed when someone who isn’t a pro with video makes something really cool that people respond to.  If you were at FBS2012 the video that caused the biggest stir was the one created by Jeff Huling of TRX.

He shot some great footage of FBBC owners using the TRX gear with his MiniHD Camera.

You can see that video here on this page.

Then he used iMovie with some fancy preset titles and some epic music to make a little video showcasing the experience.  I was flattered that people thought I made it and they were shocked when I explained to them that they are easily capable of making a video just as cool as the TRX one.

And here are 11 tips that will help you do just that…


The crappy little camera you got with a coupon at your local electronics store is the only the camera you need.  Think like a photographer when you film, pick creative angles that make your clients look cool.  The most expensive camera with all the bells and whistles will not do this for you.


Don’t just shoot to shoot.  Have a plan.  Shoot to edit.  A few well-placed angles go a lot farther in editing than hours of bad footage.  This tip is especially helpful if you hire an editor to cut your videos.  It costs my clients more time and money when I am given footage to cut that was crappy and not thought through.


If you are using an old computer and out-dated software to make your weekly videos don’t feel a pressing need to drop a huge chunk of change on the latest and greatest.  If you have created a workflow that is efficient don’t stop using it.  A year ago I edited a multi-million dollar feature film with editing software that was two years out of date, we used it because our workflow was proven with that software.  Test new equipment and software before you upgrade, and keep your current system operational until you feel comfortable with your new video workflow.


When filming testimonials don’t interrupt your clients with questions while they are speaking.  Don’t cut them off with a laugh, grunt, or fart.  Let them speak, occasionally look them in the eye, nod, smile, and stay quiet behind your camera.  You will be surprised by how much great content you get and you will save yourself or someone else a major headache in editing.


I have had the incredible privilege of filming in over 13 countries on 6 continents and I can tell you from first hand experience that everyone looks good on camera.  If you want to become preeminent in your area you have to be willing to star yourself in some of your videos.  Just be you in front of the camera, everyone looks good when they are genuine and real.  Remember, you are the fitness authority in your area, people want to see you and listen to you.


Don’t just film yourself or one of your clients talking.  Intercut action footage between the speaking to give your video more resonance and better pacing.  If you are talking about diet plans, intercut footage of yourself picking out food in the grocery store.  If you are doing a workout video make it easy for yourself.  Film yourself describing the workout and cut to footage of you or someone else doing the exercises.  For testimonials nothing is more powerful than your clients describing their results with BEFORE AND AFTER VIDEO of their workouts intercut with their



Don’t just make videos for the sake of making videos.  Always include some kind of message or call to action in your video.  People will often look at your most current video on your website or youtube page.  If there is no message or call to action it is a missed opportunity.

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If you have a gym with big open windows or industrial doors make sure your overhead lighting matches the color temperature outside.  What do I mean?  Daylight is one color temperature and a regular light bulb or fluorescent bulb is another.  Mixing these temperatures equals bad video.  Switching your overhead fluorescent bulbs to daylight balanced and supplementing this with the daylight pouring inside your gym will give you amazing results.  Just go to your local hardware store and ask for daylight balanced fluorescent bulbs, the sales rep there will know exactly what you need.


Inform your clients at least a day before you decide to film them.  Your female clients in particular will appreciate this.  Even though they know they will be sweating they will still want to doll themselves up.


Always ask your clients for permission to be filmed.  Record your client or client group while you ask for permission.  Say exactly these words, “Hi everyone, raise your hands if you don’t want to be filmed.  If you don’t raise your hands this assumes your permission.  Thank you.”  Trust me this could save you some unwanted problems if you have a fall out with a client.


You don’t need to do a video every day..  Do a video once a week that is at least 45sec. to a 1:30min in length and pack it with value and passion.

God Bless,

Rob Jaeger

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Hey Bedros here again. Rob is an awesome guy and super talented with video. I hope you got a ton of value from this blog post he crafted for you. Be sure to leave a comment down below and either “like”, re-tweet, or +1 this video to give him props 🙂