Thank YOU

Ronnie Coleman

Back in 2007 when I set out to put together the first Fitness Business Summit I had no clue how to put together a three day seminar or if anyone would even show up.

I think we had a total of 114 trainers come to the three day event and my entire goal that weekend was to help as many people with their personal training and boot camp marketing as possible.

In the years prior I had gone to a bunch of industry events and felt that something was missing.

I’m not bashing those big industry events what-so-ever, I just figured out that there was something huge missing by way of teaching us trainers how to grow a business, carve out a niche, create systems, attract leads, and make selling easier and more predictable (all the things that I was struggling with when I started my training business back in 98.)

Fast forward to last weekend at Fitness Business Summit 2012 and you could see how I’m absolutely humbled and blown away by what FBS has become.
– Over 400 fitness pro in attendance
– Folks traveled from eight different countries to come to FBS12
– The energy of the entire weekend was over the top
– The pool side party was epic and served as a great opportunity for everyone to network
– Eight time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman rocked the stage and had everyone laughing (and in aw)
– The presenters delivered nothing short of results producing and step-by-step content. Pure gold!
– And the sponsors who came out to support FBS – first class all the way

Fitness Business Summit 12 In five years time FBS has become THE event that the top industry earners and those who want to break into the six and multiple six figure earning club attend. I’m proud to say that Fitness Business Summit has also helped a few trainers (four who I know of) break into the 7 figure club.

But what I’m most proud of is the family like camaraderie that Fitness Business Summit has become and the awesome good natured and success minded fitness trainers it attracts.

In fact a couple days ago I was on the phone with Cabel McElderry (one of the 7 figure producers I mentioned) and we got to talking about how FBS has evolved and become this amazing event that delivers cutting edge knowledge, content, support, and reignites the fire within every trainer who attends.


I went on to say that FBS has surpassed my wildest dreams and it’s really become a living breathing animal of it’s own and the energy last weekend proved it.

I can’t take credit for the phenomenon that Fitness Business Summit has become. The credit goes to everyone involved, from the people who help put it together to the folks who attend and bring the energy… and so I’d like to publicly thank those who made FBS12 the killer event that it is.

First off, I want to thank the team of awesome people behind FBS12… Thanks you Di, Marilyn, Bryn, Anna, Austin, Pete, Rob, Josh, and Scott for your hard work, last minute late night plowing, and attention to detail. You guys made the magic!

Speaking of magic, check out this awesome Video that Jeff from TRX put together in just a couple hours on the first day of FBS.

I also want to thank the presenters who openly shared whats working for them and what’s gotten them to multiple six and seven figures. Thank you Dan Ritchie, Rebecca Tabbert, Joel Marion, Rick Kaselj, Yuri Elkaim (who also won the best speaker award and I gave $2,000 to his charity of choice), Maria Andros, Mike Whitfild, Jay Abraham, Kevin Halbert, Bond Halbert, Michael Parrella, John Romanello, and the sassy and classy Craig Ballantyne 🙂

And great Scottsman Alwyn Cosgrove, Craig Ballantyne, Shawna Kaminski and Cara Eckerman killing it at the Fit Body Boot Camp World Conference a couple days before FBS12.

Every single one of these presenters brought their A game and held nothing back!

Further I want to thank the sponsors who come out each year. You many not know this, but we hand pick our sponsors. I believe in only promoting services and programs that I use, trust and believe in.
Fitness Boot Camp Marketing

Big thanks to the following sponsors… – Kick butt studio and front desk management software – Meal planning software on a whole new level – Organize your scheduled, Invoices, and clients – Killer TRX suspension training and programs – Simply the best boot camp business model around 😉 – Fitness websites, blogs, and membership sites that rock!

And finally, I want to thank YOU the success minded fitness pro for reading my emails, visiting this blog and coming to Fitness Business Summit – Without YOU FBS and this blog could not be possible. THANK YOU =)

Fitness Business Summit