Personal Trainer Email Markeing “formula”

The last of couple days I’ve been teaching you
how to craft emails that get opened and acted on.

If you missed yesterday’s email on how to
use an easy three step process to craft killer
email copy, you can find it here.

Today I’m gonna show you yet another way
to craft emails that get’s people to act BIG TIME.

This method is so powerful that it really does feel
like you’re fishing with dynamite, becuase it gives
you such an unfair advantage.

The formula is this…

Problem > Agitation > Solution

See people are more likely to go away from pain
then to go toward pleasure.

Human nature I guess.

So when you’re crafting a promotional email you
need to think: How can I identify the “problem”
and then “agitate” it further and finally position
my program or promotion as the “solution”.

Look at any infomercial on late night TV and you’ll
see that it’s totally formulaic.

They show a woman in the kitchen fumbling around
with dull knives, and clunky gadgets in an attempt to
simple slice one tomato.

She’s got a PROBLEM.

Then they show how the dull knife does a better job
squishing the tomato then actually slicing it… making
a huge mess and requiring clean up.

They continue to show that the clunky slicing gadget is
dangerous (she slices her finger!) and it’s too difficult to

Saving time is valuable (hint)

Her problem is AGITATED.

But have no fear! The slice-O-matic 25000 is here…

With it’s space age polymer (plastic), and industrial grade
blade, and built-in safety guard, the slice-O-matic 25000 is
what your kitchen is missing.

Slices tomatoes paper thin in just seconds, and when you’re
done, justĀ  toss it into the dishwasher!

Easy, simple, and fun… the slice-O-matic 25000.

Order now and get the slice-O-chopper for free!

And there’s her SOLUTION.

Now if infomercials are using this formula, then you know
it works – like level 10 works.

Problem > Agitation > Solution.

Like I said, it’s like fishing with dynamite.

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