Let me tell you a little story about how good fitness entrepreneurs
evolve into great ones and how the not so great succumb to mediocrity.

Fitness Marketing

Almost without fail when a trainer first joins one of my coaching
programs or my 7 Figure Formula Mastermind group they expect,
and in some cases ask for the latest “ninja” fitness marketing tactics and
the newest wiz bang Facebook marketing scheme.

More often than not after an hour or so of me explaining to them the
logic behind why people buy, why they stay, and why they refer I see
what I can only call an “ah ha” moment wash over them.

It’s actually a pretty cool thing to see a client have that ah ha moment
when suddenly things click and then “get it”.

And while I’m all about cutting edge client getting strategies and using
technology such as Facebook, twitter, linked in, and pay per click ads
to it’s fullest potential.

My core belief and the thing that I’ve seen work time and time again
is focusing on the low hanging fruit FIRST – the things that you can do
now and see results from almost instantly.

One of those “low hanging fruits” and probably the most overlooked
and grossly underutilized client getting tactic is the ability to systematically
and consistently stimulate client referrals.

Like I said, referrals are one of your lowest hanging fruit.

They come to you per-qualified and practically per-closed.

They cost you almost nothing in marketing dollars.

And they make the best type of clients.

BUT the glaring problem that most trainers have with referrals is getting
your clients to actually refer you to their friends, family and co-workers.

Here’s where that “problem” stems from…

Problem 1. Your clients don’t feel that they are expected to give you referrals.

It’s easy to set your client’s expectations when they first start training
with you. But if you don’t set their expectations to begin with, and then
go to your clients later and ask for referrals, you’ll find that it’s nearly
impossible to get a single referral from your clients.

Start setting expectations from day one. Make it a condition of doing
business with you.

Problem 2. They don’t feel they’re getting what was promised and therefore
don’t want to refer others to your program.

Don’t promise a unicorn and deliver a donkey. Deliver results as promised.

Problem 3. Finally, the “magic” sauce is probably missing and you may not
even know it.

What I mean is this… the most fundamental and primal need a personal has
is the desire for appreciation and recognition.

Think about it. Who doesn’t like to be appreciated or recognized?

Have you ever noticed that people will go the extra mile for you if they
feel that you genuinely appreciate them and recognize them for something?

Simple things like a random but meaningful text message, a hand written
thank you card, a Facebook wall post of appreciation or recognition, or simply
a call or client appreciation party goes a l-o-n-g way.

Like I said, there’s nothing wiz bang, or ninja about any of this stuff.

But this is the stuff that people get excited about.

This is how to get people to talk about you and tell their friends and
co-workers about you and your business.

This is the stuff that works, is predictable and gives you clients on tap.

Live Easy,

Bedros Keuilian

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