Promotion VS Process

You might be doing do this and didn’t even know it.

When I first started my personal training business
I didn’t take it too seriously

…I’d get client through word of mouth, train them
and keep the money.

Pretty simple formula.

Pretty lousy one, too.

It wasn’t till I got serious about my business and
started planning out and applying the systems
that business really took off.

Funny how it was easier to operate five systematized
and organized training facilities then one that was
was operating on the principal of controlled

What reminded me of this story from my past was a
Facebook message I got this weekend from a trainer
who (in his own words):

“for the most part I’m successful, but I feel like I’m
operating by the seat of my pants and can’t help but feel
that the bottom is going to fall out sometime.”

I don’t know about you, but I would NEVER want to
live in that level of anxiety about my business.

But good for our Facebook friend for realizing that he’s
running his training business like a hobby and not a
true business.

Let me explain…

In all business there are two ways to make money.

Way one: Systems and Processes

– Choose a niche

– Figure out who you want as your client

– Craft all your marketing pieces (website, postcards,
print ads, Facebook and PPC ads) to only attract that
person into your funnel.

– Get a predicable system of converting leads into clients

– Have everyone on EFT (Monthly Auto Debit)

– Deliver killer results and systematically stimulate client

… you know, pretty much the PT Business Course way
of running a successful training business.

Way two: Be a promotion machine

This is what our Facebook friend is doing – and you may
be doing something like this too.

They’re very unpredictable, unstable, and always a month
or two from going out of business.

Promotion machines are training businesses who try
to live off the money generated from promotions…

– Groupon promotions

– 14 Day Fat Furnace promotion

– 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss promotion

– 28 Day Flat Belly Formula promotion

– 6 week transformation promotion

– 3 sessions for $99 bucks promotion

Don’t get my wrong, promotions are awesome for
your business as lead generators


I see way too many trainers trying to make a
living off Groupon and email list promotions.

A deadly mistake.

Promotions are “front end money”.

Fitness business longevity comes from the back end
money – once you convert that promotional lead into
an ongoing FULL PRICE client.

Front end money generated from promotions is just
icing on the cake, that’s money to offset the cost of
your marketing


that’s also money that you should reinvest into giving
your new prospect/client the WOW experience.

For example, if you run a 14 Day Fat Furnace promotion
for $67 to your email list. And lets assume that you get
to 25 people to take the offer which means you just made

As far as I’m concerned you now have $67 dollars to spend
on each of those new promotional clients over the 14 days.

Use all or part of that money to give them an awesome
experience, to get them to know, like and trust you, and to
add tremendous value to their lives.

Then use a proven script and system to convert each of
those promotional clients into on going full price clients.

Just makes sense to have systems and processes in
place doesn’t it?

Best off all a business built on systems and processes
gives you security, peace of mind and RELIABLE income.

Listen, it takes the same amount of effort and energy to build
a business on systems and processes as it does to run
your business as a promotion machine.

Plus a promotion machine can easily be put out of business
when a new trainers comes to town with more sophisticated
marketing and better systems.

Hope that gives you a better idea on how to run your training
business moving forward.

Live Easy,

Bedros Keuilian

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