What are the fitness center franchise business models?

There are tons fitness center franchise models to choose from when franchising a fitness center. What are the differences and how do they operate? The following is a list of the different types of fitness center business model and a brief description about what makes them unique.

Circuit training

The most popular circuit training fitness center is Curves. Curves has dedicated its entire franchise on the premise thatcurves fitness franchise model metabolic intervals is the best way to train women. The benefit to this set up is that the clubs are exclusive to women. Overweight women have a difficult time reconciling their need to lose weight and their embarrassment about working out around the opposite sex. This business model has cashed in on that principle.

Gender Specific

The biggest problem with Curves is that they have cut out half of the population while marketing only to one portion of the population. Traditionally the men-only gyms are less circuit training and more personal training oriented. This is probably because of the different fitness goals that men and women have. Creating a safe environment where both sexes can work out is important. Planet fitness has attempted to take the comfort of gender specific training coed with their “Judgment Free Zones”

All amenities included

There are gyms that are so large they have all amenities included. As far as a fitness center franchise is concerned this is the most expensive type of fitness center to open. The reason is because of all of the amenities. An indoor swimming pool, indoor racing track, aerobics room, sauna, hot tub, spa, juice bar and massage center all add to overhead costs. Not only are the overhead costs high in these facilities but they also have huge construction costs. The payroll is usually very high also. The benefit to these facilities is that they typically gather higher membership dues, but any profit is quickly gobbled up by the other expenses of the facility.

Dance class

Dance class fitness centers have become very popular. They typically have lower construction costs and set up fees because of the format.  These franchises typically are not done with stand-alone facilities and are run through other gyms. The problem with this is that when you are operating a franchised class out of a facility that you don’t own you are paying three people; the gym, the franchise, yourself. These franchises do not cost a lot to get into but they don’t end up paying very much without a stand-alone facility either.


FitBodyBootcamp franchise model

Boot camp

Boot camp style fitness center franchise opportunities have become very popular. The best model for these is Fit Body Boot Camp. The reason that Fit Body Boot Camp stands out among the other formats is their support system and their use of a stand-alone facility. Boot camp style classes typically use both cardio exercise and resistance training in rapid metabolic circuits which are very effective methods of reducing body weight for both men and women. Boot camps can be made more difficult by adjusting weights and are very flexible no matter the clientele.

24 hour

The 24 hour gyms are typically very automated. These gyms are based on the concept that no one needs to be at the facility in order for the facility to be open. They have very high tech check in and security software. This means that when no one is there at 3 am the facility is still open and secure. The benefit to this type of fitness center franchise is that they operate with very few employees, typically 1-2 and they can create revenue from people who may not be able to go to a regular hours gym. If you are looking forward to interacting with your clients, then these gym formats are not the franchise for you.

Extreme gyms

Extreme gyms are known for their extreme workouts. These may be intense body building gyms or gyms like Crossfit. These attract a certain population of extreme fitness competitors. They usually thrive on the perception that belonging to their gym means that you are the best of the best. Typically these gyms cater to those who already have a certain level of fitness and are not for those beginning a fitness regimen. Because of their select clientele and the extreme nature of their fitness these types of franchises are only recommended for those who have experience in the specific field.

Personal training

Personal training gyms are dedicated to personal training. They can be constructed in small environments and usually have small construction costs. The fitness center franchise opportunities cater to those who either have high amounts of disposable income or who use athletics professionally. The reason that this client base is so small is because of the costs associated with one-on-one training. Personal training franchises either work out of clients homes or at their own independent facilities. There are a few that craft entire gyms for personal training only. This model would be good for someone who is a certified personal trainer and wanted to do personal training with individuals only.

Choosing your franchise model

Considering which type of fitness center franchise opportunity that you want to open is the first step in opening a fitness center. The important thing to remember when choosing a franchise is what you want to do with your business. If all you want to do is train individual clients, a dance class style franchise is going to make you miserable. Likewise if you always pictured yourself owning a gym that has everything  a 24 hour fitness model is not going to satisfy you. Once you have picked the basic model you can investigate the franchises that offer opportunities within that specific model. Often though each model will have only one or two good franchisors, doing adequate research will ensure that you are happy in the franchise that you have invested in.